Which is most high paying rate Popads or Revenuehits

There are millions of bloggers, online entrepreneur, and professional webmasters looking for pop-under ads who guaranteed that, this company pay their publishers into high paying cpm rate.

Today let’s talk about PopAds and Revenuehits, Is this two online advertising network familiar in your language in online industry?.

We will find that if,  Who is the most high paying rate adnetworks .

Revenuehits is created last July 10, 2010 while PopAds is also created in the year of 2010 in a month of May 16, both of them is registrar by Enom domain name company. Wow its really amazing that this two millioner company operating online business is terrific in terms of Popunder advertising.

Revenuehits and Popads is the number one adsense alternatives after Media.net is not getting higher rate revenue share according their publisher reports.

Now Let’s talk about the difference and advantages of this two big mama online advertising company. Revenuehits isn’t totally strict for those publisher applicant, After you sign up to become publisher you can publish their ad code immediately to your blog/commercial website.

While Popads is after you sign-up as publisher  you will wait 24hrs for your application to be review but that’s not mean your application is approved after you wait 24hrs.

 Popads is checking your content what type of  ads campaign will suitable to your site niche and also your traffic and some other reason

Rates revenue share for publisher of Revenuehits it depends of your targeting content location, The premium high paying country rate are US, CANADA, UK, FRANCE and AUSTRALIA.

 Possible cpm rate of those targeting countries we’ve mentioned above is $0.40 up to $1.20 it depends of ad clicks, If some researcher has AdBlocked plugins installed normally ads will not show it means no money from that unique views.

Popads is much better according publisher report popads is pay much higher cpm rate in US, UK, CANADA, FRANCE and AUSTRALIA with a premium minimum rate $ 0.60 up to $1.50 according from online reviews.

Difference of minimum payout is totally different, Revenuehits publishers can customize the minimum widraw of the net30 income, you can easily change settings before the monthly period of you net 30 withdrawal, If your earnings this month is $3.00 you can change it minimum of $3.00 you payment withdraw, So that next payment your $3.00 will send to your Paypal account.

Popads has a minimum of $5 pay out, But daily basis if you reach $5.00 today you can withdraw your earnings today, Popads is daily payout as long as you reach minimum $5.00 but if you do have blog or commercial website with a plenty of viewers you can not easily get your earnings.

Revenuehits Recommended Blog Targeting Niche with High cpm rate,

  1. Mobile
  2. Shopping
  3. Dating
  4. Coupons
  5. Travel
  6. Entertainment
  7. Gaming
  8. Software

PopAds High Paying rate Niche Categories organic or direct

  1. Business
  2. Mobile 
  3. Shopping online
  4. Dating
  5. Coupons
  6. Travel
  7. Entertainment
  8. Movies
  9. Gaming
  10. Software


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