What is Average Cost of Targeted Email Campaign

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Email CPM Rate? Email Marketing advertising targeting cost depends on  email adnetwork budget of your pocket investment. Targeted email campaign is the best and effectiveness of (ROI)pay click advertising (PPC)is your best option no losses out their no click no pay.

Average cost of email marketing campaign,

Email Marketing campaign is great option to build trust based on online/internet business to get revenue, But average cost investment is truly highest among others campaign strategies.

In fact! email marketing top 8 out of 14 campaigns most expensive average acquisition cost investment in terms of business 2 business channel, including mobile sms and direct mail.

The email marketing research metrics, 80% of people who click on a link sent via email, and 60% percent of people who ask for unsubscribe after receiving email, and 70% average percentage of people open their email.

Below are the average targeting cost price of every email campaign,

50,000 Direct Mailings/email Direct Messaging Print Email
Production (or artwork) 7 days 4 hours
Digital Proofing 1 day Instant
Printing, Binding, Addressing 5 days Instant
Mailing 4 days 2 hours
Total 17 days 6 hours
50,000 Direct Mailings/email Direct Messaging Print Email
Production (or artwork) $1500 $300
Digital Proofing $120 $0
Printing, Binding, Addressing $26,000 $0
Mailing $21,000 $350
Total $48,620 $650

About SiteAdWiki experienced,

Such a great information about email marketing. Today and tomorrow Email marketing is the best and very easy way for promoting your campaign web site business.  I am really impressed of email advertising because of users benefits.

6 Benefits Of Email Marketing

Rightly executed email marketing can compliment all other marketing initiatives and reap you many benefits, some of which are as follows:


No matter how inexpensive the conventional mediums of marketing and business promotion can get, they can never be compared to the cost-effectiveness of email marketing. Marketing collateral, like press advertisements, brochures, flyers and posters require a significant financial outlay. On the other hand, email marketing is live, constantly changing and is easy to implement, along with being inexpensive.

Global Approach,

A good advantage of email marketing comes with the globalism of the Internet. No matter where you are or whom you need to reach, email marketing paves the way to a global approach of business promotion. Borders are no obstacles in email marketing.

A Personalized Medium,

Email marketing is a personalized medium of advertising and business promotion. It enables you to create a special bond with the prospects. Unlike other mediums of marketing and promotions, email marketing can be segmented in terms of its target audience, meaning that you can split people off into smaller, more focused lists. This too gives a more personalized approach to your marketing messages.

Gauge Results,

Any marketing campaign needs to be gauged in terms of its results and feedback from the target market. With email marketing as a tool of business promotion, you can easily carry out litmus tests on your target audience regarding different campaigns.
You can accurately measure click-through rate, conversion rate, how a person arrived at your website, and more, through readily available tools on the Internet, and assess the success of different email campaigns.

Quicker Response Time,

Another advantage of email marketing over the conventional means of business promotion is that it has a quicker response time. The average per email response time of email marketing is one to three days at max and you get the most responses on the first day itself, while a direct mail campaign would take minimum two weeks to generate any responses.

Ease Of Use,

Email marketing comes with an ease of use for both the sender and the receiver. Executing an email marketing campaign is simple and anyone can do it without any extensive resources.

Cost of email marketing campaign,

Email Marketing Campaign Average Calculation Cost and ROI – Return on Investments

Metric Comparison  Direct Mail Campaign Mobile SMS Campaign Email Marketing
Marketing Stratt Investment  $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00
No. of qualified leads 200 170 150
Cost for each leads $19.00 $25.00 $30.00
No. of fresh customers 100 80 60
Sales deal closing rate 55% 70% 65%
Sales cycle times 50days 8days 15days
Average sales for each customer $38.00 $53.125 $75.00
Total sales in one quarter $3,800.00 $4,250.00 $4,500.00

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