Top Rich Countries Adsense High CPC Rate

Around the globe their are richest country making business online promoting brand trusting Google Adsense to become business partner as advertisers, or ads sponsored investor.

 cpc advertising photo.

The countries has high cpc rate because of high advertising investment budget per click of their brand promotion.

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. Europe
  5. Pacific
  6. Australia
  7. Asia
  8. Japan
  9. Africa
  10. South Africa,
  11. Middle East
  12. Israel
  13. United Arab emirates

The above countries i’ve mentioned are the list that may help you to success in adsense online publishers.
If you are getting more traffic from countries like i mention, then you will be paid more per cpm, rpm and cpm for every clicks of your Ads publish in your blog or commercial websites,
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If you don’t satisfied what we mention above, their always a second options to increase Adsense cpc rate,

Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC)- Webmaster Earns some bucks by simply clicks per Ads on their Advertisements by their site visitors. CPC is varies by county to country. For example in India, CPC ratio is in between 0.06 $ to 0.4 $

Traffic sources is the another very important topic to optimize for getting higher CPC ads, like in India or Asian traffic, not more than 0.4$ CPC you get but for western country traffic you can get up to 2$ to 4$ CPC ads.
So you need to try to write such content to attract more visitors from western counties also
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