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Top CPI Ad Networks: Best CPA Mobile Gaming, APP Installs Facebook, Android, iOS

Best CPA, CPI ad networks for gaming, and app installs offers to the mobile platform pay per install for publishers, developers, and advertisers’ monetary system. As our research about the social network advertising and cost per install in mobile app for android and iOS devices, twitter ads are the highest rate $2.53 among them. The key average cost per install on iOS app CPI in the US up to $2.07. Android app CPI in the US (Google Play market) – $1.72. Cost Per Install on Facebook Ads – $1.8. CPI.

These are the latest update of top CPA/CPI ad networks 15 premium mobile advertising brand companies focus on “cost per install” mobile app affiliate sites that appear on smartphones, android, tablets, and other mobile devices with/out qualifying requirements needed.

Latin America is the highest mobile user’s in the whole world, The “CPI” cost per install average rate tariff for cheap mobile app campaign and revenues minimum investment and earnings profit $0.75 up to $2.59 with the global average rate – $2.24.

Countries Cost Per Install

mobile cost per install country territories

15 Best CPA/CPI Ad Network

    1. App Promotion Networks – These networks focus on promoting mobile apps, via CPI – cost per install ad networks or free exchanges.
    2. NativeX – mobile CPI offers a range of monetization, user acquisition, and advertising solutions on a global basis on CPA and CPM-based models.
    3. CPIMobi – Promote your App on Google Play or AppStore? Buy Android & iOS Mobile App Installs at the lowest CPI price on the Market!.
    4. PapayaMobile Ads – Automated ad technology and solutions for global apps, games, and E-Commerce. Also, offers a CPI network.
    5. Appnext – App wiki marketing, mobile monetization platform changing the way users experience apps. Use our technology and data solutions for premium mobile monetization, app marketing & re-engagement.
    6. RevMob – High eCPM, ROI for acquisition the helps app developers earn the best eCPM in 100s of countries with an easy to use SDK for iOS, Android, Amazon, Corona, Cordova, Mopub, and CPI models. Focuses on interstitial ads.
    7. AppBrain – Monetize, advertise, and analyze Android apps.
    8. Chartboost – One of the top 10 largest mobile games-only ad platform to increase revenue and discover new players. Mobile game developer success and a paid CPI network.
    9. Facebook App Install – Monetize your app at the Facebook network audience.
    10. OnMOBi – one of the best CPI monetize mobile traffic specialist mobile ad network that focuses on the gaming and finance mobile industry. Go for premium mobile advertising network specializing in iPhone and android apps advertising, and targeted on gaming supports CPC, CPI, and CPA and a variety of ad units.
    11. MiniMob – offers sophisticated PIE-based solutions to advertisers who move forward to a more relevant and effective pricing mechanism by a CPI basis.
    12. Tapgerine –  review of mobile CPI and CPA based affiliate network offering a range offers across dating, games, and apps with daily and bi-weekly payouts.
    13. Brusmedia – Mobile performance network that offers CPI-based campaigns across a network of publishers for iOS and Android. Works on Facebook too.
    14. Impact-Mobi – Global mobile performance network which offers CPL, CPI, and CPA based models on a highly transparent basis.
    15. Leadbolt – This is a high-performance pay per install app advertising network for Android affiliate and mobile publishers platform, and for users acquisition and in-app monetization, CPI, and SMS ads.
    16. Airpush – World-class mobile ad network and mobile app monetization using first-party data and the most advanced targeting and ad formats. The world’s top advertisers.
    17.   StartApp – StartApp is an insight-driven mobile tech company that enables its partners to deliver the world’s most fulfilling mobile experiences for their users.
    18.  Reporo – Reporo is one of the World’s largest mobile adult networks working on the traditional CPC/CPM model, however, we’re now accepting high converting CPA/CPL.
    19.  Airpush – World-class mobile ad network and mobile app monetization using first-party data and the most advanced targeting and ad formats.
latin america most download mobile game apps
Latin America Most Download Mobile Game Apps. Photo credit: SensorTower

How To Market Your App in Latin America?

The effective average cost per install the mobile app for iOS apps its start $0.44 and $0.86 for Android apps. There are a few key things that need to be done to market your app in another region, and it’s actually fairly easy to do this for Latin America.


Unlike most regions, Europe for example, that are comprised of many different languages, Latin Americans speak one of two languages; Portuguese or Spanish. Both of these languages are fairly similar, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a decent translator that can help with app localization.

Finding an Ad Network

To get yourself out there, you may want to consider investing in Latin American ad networks. There are very many different platforms to choose from, a couple of examples being TAP-TAP Networks or Hunt Mobile Ads.

Once you’ve settled in on a Latin American ad company, you can hopefully start to see users pour in. Remember, the CPI should be a lot lower than for European or American app users, so you could be saving a decent amount of money on your investment budget.


Not All Mobile Ad Units are Created Equally,

There are over 100 different mobile ad networks today ranging from huge (think Ad Mob) to minuscule and everything in between. Adding an additional layer, all of these ad networks have different ad units you can purchase, from video to display to rich media. Complicating matters, even more, every network provides a different method for cost consumption – Cost Per Click, Cost Per Impressions, Cost Per Install, Cost Per View.


Let’s take a look at these different systems. The simple chart below compares three types of mobile ad units developers are using today for acquisition marketing (all rates are derived from industry articles or obtained through experimentation):

The critical number for developers and increasingly brands is the last one, Effective Cost per Install or e CPI.

For developers it should not matter whether you pay for installs, impressions, or clicks because at the end of the day what developers are looking for – what they need – is the install.
As you can see from above, based on average industry rates, the highest return on investment appears to be to pay based on CPI.

On the flip side, there are only a handful of CPI networks available and none with the scale of Admob or Millennial Media. This is the trade-off calculation you must understand to determine what the best app monetization.

Display ad networks and massive platforms, like Facebook, can add value when you are trying to drive scale for your business. While smaller CPI-based ad networks can be a great source for higher ROI and overall lower cost to acquire users. According to Buffer, the average cost per app install Facebook its starts $2.74 in the U.S. territory only.

cpi ad network


Why Facebook Leading Highest CTR Above them?

The last thing to note is the difference in CTR and CCR of the three different ad units.
Even though Facebook’s mobile app install ads have the highest CTR and CCR, it doesn’t necessarily convert to the lowest eCPI.

Notice also that both the FB ads and the app wall have higher CTR and CCR than display. We believe the reason for this difference is the difference in native ads vs. generic ads. From our experiences with the app walls and other native ad units, an immersive ad experience that facilitates discovery seems to increase the likelihood of both engagement and conversions.

Anecdotally we have also seen that further down the funnel conversions like Facebook connects and in-app purchases are greater with native ads as well. Keep this in mind especially when you are considering ad network purchases on a CPM or CPC basis.

According to Businessofapps, the Latest statistics reports of the average cost per app install for android and ios: iOS app CPI in US – $2.07. Android app CPI in US (Google Play market) – $1.72. Cost Per Install on Facebook Ads – $1.8. Cost Per Install on Twitter Ads – $2.53.

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