Top Canadian Advertising Ad-Networks

Top best Canadian advertising ad-networks, To our valued online marketer, webmasters, monetizers, and commercial web builder in the place of Canada.

Let me introduce the best Canadian online ad site networks for webmasters agreed to monetize high revenue, CPM rate, CPC cost, shares to your commercial or blogging websites.

The following online best ad-networks Site in Canada,

Top Canadian  Advertising  Ad-NetworksAdjump – Adjump is an international leader and innovator in lead generation. We own several large database sites in Canada. Adjump media provides performance-based marketing solutions and lead generation for brands looking to grow their online presence.

The Leading Bilingual Canadian Ad Network – A pioneer in the ad network business since 1995, a publicly-traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange since 2001, with a team of over 40 employees, and a reach of over 16M unique visitors monthly, BV! Media’s ad network strives to meet the needs of both advertisers wanting to target a specific audience, and publishers needing to maximize the value of their inventory.

As a publisher, you want your brand strongly represented to Canadian national advertisers and agencies by the most qualified ad network.

BV! Media currently represents over 400 websitesCanadian traffic on an exclusive basis, maximizing their visibility in all major channels.

With a unique combination of national scope but local sales representation through a team of over 15 account managers in 3 major cities, BV! Media returns better eCPM’s for any publisher’s Canadian traffic than any other ad networks. If you have at least 1 million page views of Canadian traffic per month, make sure to contact BV! Media now.

As an advertiser wanting to reach Canadians, no need to go any further.
Looking beyond simple impression and CTR statistics, BV! Media has assembled a network with unique contextual and Behavioral Targeting technology that places a large emphasis on quality traffic combined with efficient performance.

With strict content rules to make it into BV! Media’s brand-safe network, advertisers can safely buy site-specific, channels or behaviors without ever worrying about the quality of the environments in which their ads will be displayed.

As the leading independent Canadian Ad network, BV! Media will yield the best online ad network for small and big publishers, return on your online ad dollar that you can buy. Contact an account manager now to discover the potential!

Behavioral targeting,

BV! Media is proud to be the first ad networks Canada launched a fully bilingual behavioral targeting system – that is, the ability to deliver ads exclusively to users who correspond to one of 300 pre-determined behavioral profiles.

With behavioral targeting, advertisers are able to reach users who have clearly demonstrated an interest in a specific type of product or service in the recent past. We invite you to consult our section on behavioral targeting to learn more.
Behavioral targeting.

ADNetwork Canada – Online ad network for  Canadian advertising online networksAdnetwork Canada is your source for marketing and media opportunities to put brands in front of Canadians internet industry.

Mediative Canada Automotive Adnetwork,

Best Canadian Automotive Advertising sites network list, Some of the most successful dealers in the country are reaching more customers for less cost through the automotive advertising network campaign. The network gives member dealers a national, regional, and local footprint on the search engines so they appear on top of the search results for the vehicles they sell.

ClearPier – ClearPier is Canada’s Leading Premium Performance Marketplace and the exclusive representative of a diverse portfolio of the world’s top comScore publishers.

SourceKnowledge – SourceKnowledge as a private video network focuses on serving video with impact. We reach 5.3 million unique visitors in Canada & 20.9 million unique visitors in the U.S (comScore).

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