Super Bowl Latest Advertising Budget Cost?

What was the CPM rate for super bowl 2013?,
The Standard CPM rate of 2013 Super Bowl Ads Largest cpm rate Cost is $4 Million per 30 Seconds, Super Bowl was high 20% CPM in this 2013 ads cost  in annual championship game of the National Football League.

Rough cost of a 30 seconds commercial graph during the super bowl ads game play.

siteadwiki:cost of super bowl commercial 2013.

The standard price of 2013 Super Bowl Ads wiki Cost ,

In Commercial Break,Being a big Advertiser you must gamble you’re money in 30 seconds only.The standard cpm cost of ads cpm cost superbowl 2013while game play Cost sold for $3.7-$3.8 million only in 30-seconds,Latest Super Bowl XLVII in 2013,Average cost of a 30-second advertisement around $4 million premium adverting.

The total investment of advertiser,

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Super Bowl truly higher investment, But the viewer target of your audience explaining video television program ads may views with an average cpm audience of “111 million viewersMostly in North American audiences,

The Ads investment guarantees not only that hundreds of millions of people will see it but also the 30-second spot your’e ADS will become part of the media conversation.

I have One thing clear though for the biggest advertisers,Investment cost $3.75 million is truly a pittance.
In fact, some of them make almost as much in profits in average of 3.5 million earn profit /hours—roughly at the time it takes to air the Super Bowl itself.

You must know this The Higher Investment is the Bigger Profit gain

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