Standard Windows Phone CPM Rate

Windows Phone is no longer high paying cost per impression on mobile advertising rate.

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Windows Phone Standard Ad Revenue Rate Inventory, that make a living with difficulty out of 0.08 desktop ad traffic and 0.01 p.c of revenue.

In addition to delivery returns to mobile publishers specially in windows phone cost per impression as whole, iOS attained publishers on the average $2.49 per thousand impressions (eCPM).

The iPod bit appears to bring down iOS’s average since iPhone returns a median $2.85 eCPM and iPad returns a median $3.96 eCPM.

iPad Ad Revenue Inventory,

Consumer mobile, aforesaid a number of its publisher customers “consistently” sell out 100% of their iPad inventory at $100-plus CPM rates. though not as high as iOS—or that OS’s 2 main devices—Android delivered publishers a mean $2.10 eCPM. For what it’s value, BlackBerry OS’s average eCPM was $0.64, and Windows Phone’s was $0.20.

North America and Latin America was the foremost valuable region for mobile publishers with seventy three p.c of world requests. The U.S. specifically earned publishers the foremost for each thousand impressions, averaging $1.98 eCPM; by comparison the remainder of the planet averaged $1.57 eCPM.

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Standard Windows Phone Cpm Rate.

Windows Phone Mobile Apps,

Considerations looking at these numbers, you’d think the most cost-effective choice would be ad space on mobile apps for Windows Phone. You can reach 1,000 users for just 20 cents, saving more than $2 per thousand impressions when compared to iOS.

But CPM doesn’t measure effectiveness. Just because something has a low CPM doesn’t mean it’s a good investment of your advertising dollars — iOS had a much higher CPM but generated far more traffic. A cheap ad that reaches the wrong audience — or very little audience — isn’t money well spent.

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Windows Phone Average CPM Rate,

Device CPM rate can vary even within the same channel, though this is largely due to traffic. Certain mobile devices provide more traffic than others, driving up their ad prices. In the second quarter of 2012, iOS — Apple’s mobile operating system — accounted for just over 46 percent of mobile traffic, and the CPM was $2.49, according to a report in Opera Software. Android, on the other hand, accounted for 24 percent of mobile traffic, with a $2.10 CPM.

RIM OS, BlackBerry’s mobile operating system, had 6.3 percent of traffic and a 64-cent CPM, while the lowest cost per thousand impressions was found on Windows Phone, at an average of 20 cents — but on just .08 percent of traffic.

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