Standard Mobile Mobusi CPM Rate Advertising

The top European and South American mobile advertising network business giving into standard genuine revenue share to publishers, developers and giving top rating marketing sales to advertisers and low investment spend budget in any advertising platforms like CPM rate and PPC rate.

Mobusi Mobile Advertising sl. is based on CPI – cost per install it possible their team have analyzed a range of data from their network providing average earnings on a CPC and CPI basis across a range of publishers. CPC earnings from 100k impressions ranged from over $1024.40 for interstitials to just $9.60 for banners:
For CPI (cost per install) based advertising publisher earnings ranged from 0 (banners) to $96 for interstitials.

That means big possibilities that Mobusi pay at average CPM rate of  10% per interstitials ads for every app got traffic 100,000 app views 100%  you can earn up to $1,000. Unlike display banner ads for every 100,000 page views site traffic you can only earn up to $10.00 that means the calculation of banner ad display is $0.01 per 1,000 average CPM rate.

In be half of Mobile Advertising Revenue Studies,

Mobusi Mobile advertising Network – is lower cost than you think because their revenue share to publishers and developers is pretty cool much higher than another mobile network.

The majority of mobile advertising is traded on a ‘blind’ networked model where advertisers are just paying a set cost per click or cost per install. Increasingly, more inventory is being traded on a real time basis, impression-by-impression, however, there’s another model – direct deals which can also be very worthwhile for advertisers and developers.

Learn how: Monetize Mobile Traffic into High Paying Mobile Ad Network

If you can identify a traffic source that performs well for you in terms of conversions than doing a direct deal to get more of that traffic (and less of the other traffic that doesn’t do as well) can make a huge difference to your ROI.

Click through rate is a key metric for all performance-based mobile advertising and defined as clicks divided by the number of impressions:

mobile mobusi ctr.

The data report from their network is only providing a possible view on the average click through for different types of mobile ads display. This data is absolute gold-dust as it’s very rarely published. The data shows that click-throughs range hugely from over 12% to 0.2% depending on the format type.

  1. Banners – 0.23%
  2. Interstitials – 5.7%
  3. App Lists (also known as ‘Offer Walls’) – 7.14%
  4. Panels – 12.6%


Mobusi Advertising Platforms Information

Platforms: Android, Feature Phone, IOS, Mobile Web, Windows Phone
Types: Mobile Ad Network, Mobile DSP
Ad Formats: Banners, Interstitial, Popups, Redirects, Rich Media
Key Markets: Global, Latin America, Mexico, Spain
Targeting: Custom
Trading Models: Agency, Direct, Fully Managed, programmatic, RTB, Self Service
Tracking: Adeven, Adjust, Apps Flyer, Custom, HasOffers, Mobile App Tracking

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