Standard CPM Mobile AD Rates

The latest update of standard average mobile CPM ad rates start from $0.10 – $7.30, through cell phone platform comparison of mobile smartphones, tablets, desktop, ios devices, windows phone targeting multi advertising rates demand insights to every user.

There 4.77 billion cellphone users worldwide in 2017, latest estimated statistic according to (statista).

Best tips, to valued advertisers on planning campaign,  especially on targeting mobile apps, mobile traffic, sales, downloads, software, books, enterprise,  much better you know the details about CPM mobile rates, CPC advertising campaign, before to bleed(invest) money campaign through the online industry.

ROI(return on investment) is very important, the best option is to find the real standard CPM (cost per thousand impressions) advertising networks,  Ask how much minimum ad rate of your campaign?.

Examples of top mobile(CPM)advertising networks who support mobile platform; ios, android, windows phone, unity, mobile web, and cocos in no particular order.

– Appnext.

– AdMob. is CPC mobile ad networks, estimated admob cpm rates start from  $0.10 up to $0.30

– Inmobi.

– RevMob.

– Tapjoy.

– Chartboost.

– Mobfox.

There are different types of investing cost in every product categories in digital marketing budgets,   All you need to do is to find effective relevance marketing strategies in order to get the best result.

Top Countries Mobile User – These are a research to third party websites currently study the standard mobile advertising rates.

– UK

According to (Smart Insights) mobile platform is top 2 compare to desktop claimed as #1 choices for a user’s until today, but mobile advertising is gradually growing especially in videos, apps, text, software mostly this are the best choice for advertisers campaign.

The most popular video hosting company, the standard ad rate for every (CPV)thousand per views start from $.10 – $.30 not include the cost per click (CPC) cost per action (CPA) (CPV) cost per views.

4 Types of formats in video advertising these are; search, slate, display, stream.


Good thing to know in video hosting advertising you can target the gender, age location that relevance of your campaign.

A lot of video blogger upload spam content.

Mobile advertising industry increase about 10% of the total digital marketing budget and slightly less than 3% of the total marketing budget. (UK)United Kingdom is the most top smartphone users report according to (comscore) mobile metrics report last year 2016.


Advertisers choices, mobile app vs mobile site usage?

Mobile traffic, views, download, buyer’s, must read this reviews example before spending cost devices through any mobile platform. This is very important to understand,  before bleeding money, through buying campaign AdWords, display ads, views, stream trueview ads media, this is how google display ads works.

The Adwords average click through rates (CTR) across all industries is 1.90% on the search ad network 0.35% on the display ad network.

Platforms variation average (CTR)click through rate online mobile advertising by country estimated data reference, latest interactive display ads benchmark region percentage.

Region Overall Click-through Rate Percent (%)
North America
Canada 0.09%
United States 0.10%
Austria 0.11%
Belgium 0.13%
Denmark 0.12%
Finland 0.05%
France 0.12%
Germany 0.11%
Greece 0.17%
Ireland 0.10%
Italy 0.10%
Luxembourg 0.09%
Netherlands 0.14%
Norway 0.11%
Spain 0.12%
Sweden 0.08%
Switzerland 0.12%
United Arab Emirates 0.18%
United Kingdom 0.07%
Australia 0.07%
China 0.12%
Hong Kong 0.17%
India 0.18%
Malaysia 0.30%


Online advertising campaign (CTR)”click through rates” by ad format.

The latest top performing ad size format is large rectangle 336×280 has 0.21% video click through percentage and 0.33% for non-video click through rate percentage.


Top performing ad sizes format are,

Half page ad 300×600 (0.19%) in video average ctr percentage and about (0.21%) in non-video average ctr for display ads campaign.

Medium rectangle ad 300×250 (0.14%) video ctr percentage and (0.13%) for non-video ctr percentage.

Full banner ad size 468×60 (0.04) for non and video click through rate percentage.

This may help you to understand, what would be, your best plan on targeting your campaign ads. Courtesy research of comScore global digital future in focus’ shows how the desktop is still important for daytime at work audiences, but tablet and smartphone dominate in the evening.

Consumers time spends, using mobile media platform

The latest estimated, calculation of mobile phone cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and average mobile RPMs.

– iOS Banners $0.10 – $1.00

– iOS Interstitials $2.00 – $3.00

– Android Banners $0.15 – $.50 up

– Android Interstitials $1.00 – $2.00

– Windows phone $2.50 up.

As study research mobile advertising from the year of 2015  reached 9.2%($24Billion) adspend, according to estimated calculation research next year 2018 will increase to 200%($48Billion) ad spending.

As of today, there are 4.77Billion cell phone users worldwide.

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