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SMS Advertising CPM RateSMS – is an Short Message Service known also as text messaging service component of phone, web, or mobile communication systems.All ad networks have seen a surge in in-app advertising in the US particularly. InMobi reports that 60 percent of its US revenue is from mobile apps, compared to 17 percent worldwide. But it is mobiThinking’s belief that demand for in-app ads today isn’t coming from brand advertisers, it’s coming, largely, from companies that are promoting their own mobile apps. As there are so many mobile apps and relatively few people to download them (as most apps can only be downloaded to a particular type of device), developers need to promote them heavily to stand any chance of success – and the obvious place to promote them is within other mobile apps, though only the successful ones.

Since app developers are interested in downloads as opposed to brand awareness, then surely they will want to purchase performance advertising i.e. cost per click (CPC) or cost per download (CPD), rather than CPM, which is for brand advertising? With CPC or CPD advertisers are not paying $2.50 for a thousand ad impression, they are paying nothing for the ads unless the user clicks through/downloads the ad, which pays a few cents each.

There is a perception that brand advertisers are put off mobile ad because there isn’t enough inventory to buy – this perhaps is the agenda that Flurry is driving towards with this research – but it is difficult to see why brands would be that interested in these niche markets, however much inventory is available, unless they have an app to promote.

Thrive in the new app economy, as Flurry wants to help you generate more advertising revenue with its largest app data set on consumer usage in the world, collected from more than 700 million mobile smartphones and tablets! From this point you can observe that Flurry is really confident about the power of its analytics, as proven through its detailed analytics promotion page.


  1. Flurry for Publishers is provided free of charge with no volume limits for basic ad serving and ad network mediation. Campaigns that utilize Flurry’s proprietary segment & demographic targeting features will incur a technology CPM as follows:
  2. Geographic & Language Targeting Free
  3. Flurry Analytics Event Targeting $0.10 CPM
  4. Flurry Estimated Age & Gender Targeting $0.50 CPM
  5. Flurry Personas Targeting $2.00 CPM

As Read Write Web points out, advertisers will only go where the eyeballs are. And there are only a few apps that are popular enough to interest brand advertisers – as Nielsen finds from a study of Android users, 61 percent of all time spent on apps is shared among the top mobile 50 apps (out of 250,000 Android apps).

SMS Advertising,

How does SMS Advertising Works?
On SMS Advertising you can choose two options by Pay per reply ad and the Pay per click ad.

  • SMS – allow you to create and place your own ads in SMS messages sent by the company publishers to their subscribers.
  • You can target your location to choose the regions of the US and Canada you would like your SMS ad to be shown in. You can also target specific States, Provinces or Area Codes.
  • You can manually set your response bid,You only pay when someone responds to your ad. and decide how much you’re willing to spend for each response and set your daily campaign budget. You compete with other advertisers in an auction and your bid amount affects how often your ads effectiveness are shown .
  • Every day you have access to thousands of SMS messages sent by advertiser to SMS publishers to their subscribers. Matching your ads to these SMS messages based on your targeting criteria and determine which ads get placed based on the results of the ad auction.
  • People see your ad and respond you can control your budget.
    Depending on which ad format you have chosen, recipients either reply “more” to your ad and receive your follow-up SMS message, or click the link to view your website on their mobile device. In either case, you only pay when someone responds to your ad. We monitor all aspects of your campaign on a daily basis, so you’re never in the dark.

SMS Advertising CPM Cost,

In year 2009 SMS Adverting it  cost per thousand impression is very expensive, The standard rate is $40/CPM after that year 2010 to 2013 CPM – cost per thousand impression is only $2.50 including Pay Per Click, CPD – Cost per Download, and Cost Per Impressions.

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