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How much Does it Cost to Advertise on Slacker Radio?

Slacker Radio is a free and premium internet live streaming radio station, The company founded in the year of 2014 by Celite Milbrandt and Dennis Mudd it officially launched on March 15, 2017 owned by Slacker Inc. The online radio streaming station Slacker radio advertising cost pricing rates card media kit system of ads run based on 10, 15, 30, and 60 seconds audio and banner ads per weekly and monthly ads broadcasting.

Slacker premium free trial online radio premier streaming music service available in USA and Canada is one of the most countries highest users and subscribers rating in all streaming radio music stations. Listeners and subscribers may use to access through auto, home, web, mobile apps and any type of smartphones services. Users can create and customize music similar genres artist, and your favorite songs.

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Cost to Advertise on Slacker Radio,

Slacker radio advertising cost offered for users at a very reasonable price may enjoy 100% Free, top-rated app for mobile. Free download! huge choice of free apps. Best free games for android and iOS and best-performing types of antivirus, secure browsers for shopping utilities.

The question is; how much does it cost to advertise on Slacker Radio? Slacker advertisement minimum estimated spend start from the lowest rates at $5000.00 per week (not official). Advertisers per campaign budget cost start at $20000 for total estimated spend. Much better contact area inquire advertise Slacker to find the best answer. Brand advertisers must sign up first, declare your company brand names, website, email, state, campaign start and end date, target of total impression and must declare your estimated budget.

Slacker radio cost to advertisers may target in different types of campaign ads rate, based on demographic age-grouping, music genre, geo targeting, day and time parting, and types of targeting platform (car, home, web, mobile).

Slacker Radio campaign advertisers offered,

Demographic Targeting Options – the most impactful campaign strategy
Audio Ads Highlights – 15 – 30 seconds, your brand’s voice will be heard can’t be skipped in-stream ad.
IAB Display Ads – advertisers may directly imprint your message in the user’s minds through display ad.
Video Pre-Roll Ads – Advertisers can engage the listeners with a clickable video spot.
Sponsorship Ads – Make a high impact statement with a 100% SOV ad sponsorship.

Slacker Radio CPM advertising rate,

Slacker radio cost to advertising is based on (CPM) cost per thousand impressions. Advertisers will pay for every thousand impressions of company ads campaign driven by Slacker radio user’s and listeners.

Mobile App – mobile app advertisers based on (CPM) rate may expect cost start ($8.00 – $20.00) depend on media kit plans choice.

Home – Audio ads may expect the estimated cost rate CPM basis start $4-$6 for audio ads,
Auto – On video spot ads may expect estimated cost start $9.00 – $18.00 based on (CPM)
Web – the internet radio streaming campaign is one of the lowest cast advertisers may expect estimated tariff start ($2.00 – $7.00 per thousand impressions).

All the numbers cost, explained are based on research and estimated. Only Slacker radio can determine the real cost tariff for advertisers rate in different types of campaign. It is; because the sales and promotions radio online stations may anytime change their advertising policies to level the competitor’s startegic plan.

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