How much Does it Cost to Advertise on Napster?

The new revamped plans are EPOS Premier that run $9.99 and $14.99 a month severally. Each allows unlimited on-line listening, unlimited home listening and can embrace offline subscription playback shortly. The online radio streaming station Napster is relaunching as Napster, the service it acquired in 2011 which is also synonymous with rampant file sharing and music piracy.

Advertising cost pricing rates card media kit system of ads run based on 10, 15, 30, and 60 seconds audio and banner ads per weekly and monthly ads broadcasting. Napster has cut the price of its unlimited subscription in order to compete more closely with rival services. Napster, one of the original online music pioneers, is facing stiff competition in an increasingly congested market.


About Napster:

The sole real distinction is within the range of devices you’ll use to concentrate to music on the go. With Premier, you’ll listen on one phone and one mp3 player and with the Premier and arrange you’ll listen on up to three devices and up to three MP3 players. you must note that you just will not be ready to listen on quite one mobile device, home system or laptop at just once.

Cost to Advertise Napster,

Napster-To-Go arranges and pay $15 a month so we have a tendency to may replenish our mp3 players and listen at work. due to the new epos Premier arrange, though, we are able to do everything we have a tendency to accustomed do for $5 less a month. that is $60 less a year that we are able to pay on buying DRM free music for the artists we actually fancy.


Napster Pricing per Tracks,

Napster is additionally marketing some tracks at the new $1.29 pricing, but again, the upper costs ar usually not on similar tracks as its competitors. costs are up at Wal-Mart’s music store similarly, topping out at $1.24.

Cost per Country

Flo Rida’s “R.O.O.T.S.” at Real’s epos service altogether its $1.29-per-track glory. The labels have finally gotten there would like, transferral the nice ol’ variable evaluation of the SAM delicacy days to the la Bill digital music landscape. This move could facilitate combat slumping album sales within the age of per-song purchases.

Pricing per Album

As you’ll see within the epos screenshot on top of, each track from Flo Rida’s new “R.O.O.T.S.” album is $1.29, which might work a $16.77 album. however, you’ll save nearly $7 and obtain the entire issue for $9.99.


Napster Premier & Family Plan Radio Subscription Month to Month Plans

Napster may be a streaming music subscription service that provides you access to forty countless full-length songs on your phone, computer, or home audio device. hear the music you’re keen on, or discover new music from alternative members such as you on our perceive Network.

Napster Subscription Cost

Napster offers 2 subscription plans: Napster Unlimited and Napster Unlimited Plus with Mobile. The funny half is that Napster Unlimited is truly hobbled, and to induce access to the mobile app – obtainable on iOS, Android and nook devices – you have got to prefer the mobile version. Unfortunately windows phone users, Napster is for good restricted for you.

Subscription pricing rate for Napster online radio streaming network start $4.99, $9.99/month up to $95.90/year and $14.99/mo.

Napster Unlimited Plus Mobile How Many Devices

Napster offered unlimited features plus more or less 5 devices in every premium account per subscription of unlimited plus mobile. Napster is friendly through iOS and android devices. But unfortunately, windows phone is not totally 100% good for users experience based on reviews and reactions online.

Napster Student Discount

Napster offers such schools a massive discount off its $9.95 per month fee, making it easier for the schools to stomach the cost of opening music shops. Napster has spent tens of millions on a massive marketing campaign, attacking the “$10,000” cost it takes to fill an iPod.

Napster Subscription Plans

Napster offers two subscription plans: Napster Unlimited and Napster Unlimited with Mobile. Napster Unlimited costs £5 (around US$7.77 / AU$7.50) per month for the desktop-only plan, while Napster Unlimited with Mobile costs £10 (around US$15.50/ AU$15) per month. Napster is currently offering a 30-day free trial of the pricier version, and a seven-day trial of the cheaper plan.

Napster Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Napster who responded that you can stream Napster to up to 5 Sonos devices at the same time – but they have to be playing the same stream.

Napster Family Plan

  • How does the Napster Family plan work?
    Once you upgrade to a Napster Family plan, you’ll become an organizer that can invite others to join your plan. All your family members will be covered under your plan and will not be billed separately.
  • How many people can I have on my family plan?
    You can have up to 5 accounts on a single family plan.
  • Can I use Napster KIDS on Family Plan?
    Yes, each account in your family plan will be able to switch to KIDS mode in Android and iOS apps.
  • What if I’m already a Napster subscriber?
    When you upgrade, your family plan will begin immediately and you’ll be able to invite new or existing Napster members to join.
  • What if I want to change my family members?
    You can add or remove people from your plan at any time. Any family members you remove can still sign up for their own plan. All of their playlists, favorites, and recommendations will be waiting for them should they wish to rejoin.
  • How do I sign up for Napster Family Plan?
    Existing members: Log into My Account and select the family plan that works best for you.

Napster Premier

Can I listen offline?
Yes! With Napster Premier, you can download as many songs as your device can hold. With Napster unRadio, you can download up to 25 favorites.

How much can I listen to?
We have over 30 million licensed songs (with new ones being added every day), and there no limit to how much you can play. With a Napster Premier subscription, you can also download as many songs as you want to listen offline.

Napster 3 Months Free Trial

Napster/Rhapsody $1 for 3 months. Over 30 million tracks to play as often as you want, with new music added every day. Unlimited music direct from your iPhone or Android phone. You can even play with no connection. Enjoy Napster Unlimited plus Mobile on your computer as well. Build a huge library and make awesome playlists. Exclusive listening parties and NapsterLive sessions.

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