Proven Guides to Find Real Potential Site Advertisers

In this article we share the most tested and proven guides and tips on how to find the real potential advertisers in your different online niche websites categories. We’ve found that millions of product endorser, brand promotion, website promoter has targeting online marketing sales most of them are directly contact webmaster, site owners to promote their brand, videos, banners,txt, in any different online digital advertising campaign.

The real proven and facts on how potential advertisers reaching your websites are?

How Potential Advertisers Reach & Invest Websites
Websites Developing Webmasters must develop clean and create like professional sites.
Site Content
Choose the one content site niche parameter, not in general type of content categories.
Blog Site or Websites  Is not 100% necessarily need to reach potential advertisers
Friendly Users  Users and readers must be satisfied of your content.
Business Proving your business reviews that tested and not lying readers and users.
SEO Average of 80% your site SEO – Search Engine Optimized.
Backlinks Is not 100% necessarily as long as you’ve maintain regularly.
Contact form Make professional approach of your contact form
Payments PayPal is the best option, you need at least a premier account by accept credit cards.
Post Maintain Standard 2 post every week.
Charges Much better if you don’t fix price inside advertisers page,Just go for negotiation.
Site Traffic
Average of 85% of advertisers looking site traffic in United State, Europe, Canada,UK.

The Potential Advantages of Direct Selling Advertisers

More money: The first advantage of selling your own ads is the fact that you will cut the middlemen out, increasing your revenue potential. Suppose you sell text link ads on your sidebar through a certain company, and the text links sell for $50 monthly. Since you are using the company network to sell the ads, they will eat 50% of the price, and you will end up earning only $25 monthly for each text link. If someone is willing to pay $50 for a text link on your site, though, it means that they are getting $50 of value out of it.

Why, then, should you share that with someone else?
Independence: Sure, large advertising networks have access to a wider pool of advertisers, and they have more credibility to close the deals. But if you have all the requirements in place (see the section below) and spend some time looking at the right places, I am sure that you will be able to sell your own ads just as efficiently as the larger networks.

Flexibility: The third advantage of selling direct advertising is that you will have much more control over where and how the ads will be displayed (i.e., you can avoid intrusive advertising). Google Adsense is nice, but unless you blend it with the content — annoying some of the readers — you will get terribly low click-through rates.
Credibility: Finally, having sponsors and direct advertisers on your blog might help your credibility. Even small and poorly crafted blogs can stick some Adsense units here and there. Having established companies that are willing to partnership with your site, on other hand, can signal that your content has quality and that the site is somewhat professional.

The Worst Disadvantages of Direct Selling Promotion,

Time consuming: While selling your own ads has many advantages, it is no panacea. The first drawback of this monetization option is the time that it will consume. This time will be spent optimizing your website for the ads, finding potential advertisers, negotiating with them, and handling the administrative matters (e.g., making payments, tracking statistics, delivering reports and so on).

Many requirements: Selling direct adverting is not as easy as making money from Google Adsense. As you can see from the section below, you will need to have a popular blog, a professional looking design, special software and the like.

Unstable: Unless you close deals for very long periods, which is unlikely, you will find your self looking for new advertisers or optimizing your website to attract new ones every other month. The opposite is true for top advertising networks, where you just need to plug some code and they will do the rest of the work. (If your site or blog is just a hobby, therefore, direct advertising might not be the best option)

Potential Advertisers and Webmasters Opinion

When you go for Direct Selling Advertising better to go on RTB Advertising – Real Time Advertising,
How does RTB advertising works?
Do they have RTB advertisers benefits and advantages?

It’s typically that the most important measurement of an advertiser ars based on your specific advertising goals it shows the real effect of your campaign efforts and time to have your business like RTB advertising. 

The exact ways to calculate ROI depends upon the goals of your campaign ads. 

One way to define ROI is (Revenue – Cost of goods sold) / Cost of goods sold. 

Let’s say you have a product cost $100 to produce, and sells for $200. You sell 6 of these products as a result of advertising on AdWords. Your total sales are $1200, and your AdWords costs are $200. Your ROI is ($1200-($600+$200))/($600+$200), or 50%.

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