Pixelads Media affiliate network review.

You know what every publisher is afraid of? To get shaved. Not literally, of course He’s afraid to get shaved by the affiliate network he/she works with.

Seriously, when i got shaved for the first time, i googled the problem and saw that a lot of publishers face the same fraud. It’s so undermining.

As more and more people join the publishers army trying to make some extra money, huge networks often feel that there’s nothing wrong to shave another customer.
They feel that internet is like a spring, you know, making new publishers every day, and that it’ll never stop producing them.
 And partly they are right. There are a lot of publishers. But they are not infinite.

So why do they shave customers?

Well it’s pretty easy actually. You see, there’s actually no affiliate networks rating, where you can vote, and place your review, so that the community of publishers stayed away from one or another network. So once the network gains reputation good enough to work worldwide, no bad review can sink it. Not even a thousand of them.



So, how to manage a problem?

And the answer is at the surface of a problem: you have to find a network that is only starting up and doesn’t have a luxury of losing publishers without feeling it. These networks work their asses of to build reputation and gain trust of publishers.

That is why I chose to work with PixelAds Media.

This network is young, ambitious, ready to work with every publisher, they give high rates, fair revshare and are ready to kick your profits up if you do right by them.

I work with them for two months now and I’ve never regretted it so far. Since the first test their support was doing everything for me to make the best out my websites, I got a significant bonus at the end of last month just for being loyal to them. That’s what I call a good service.



To sum up. I’ll continue to work with PixelAds Media, until they start to shave. If you want to join the network, just proceed by pressing this link. (http://pixelads.media).



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