Niche Media CPM Rates

Most popular niche in media advertising is American TV Show,Radio, Cable Televison, Newspaper, Magazine, Adult Magazine ,Billboard,Direct Email and no longer Kid Magazine.

Media Publisher CPM Rates,

Most High Paying CPM Rate is Major Metro News Paper it cost of 100,000 to 600 pesos total target audience, banner position
full page ad single insertion.
Media CPM Rates

Most Low cost Advertising CPM Rate,

Radio is now number 1 low cost advertising budget from $1.00 up to $8.00 total targeting audiences impact. CPM Rate is %18.00 up to

Classified SiteAds | Youtube CPM

Top Online CPM Site |Average CPM Rate | TribalFusion CPM Rate

Contextual Ad Network | Video Ad Network | Rich Media Ad Network,

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