Mobile Banner AD CTR and CPC

What is an average mobile ad click through rate?

The revenue that you generate then is the number of impressions multiply by click-through-rate – CTR times cost-per-click (imp x CTR x CPC).

Click-through-rate can vary widely and is, in fact, the most important number to focus on.
 A good target to aim for is around 1% CTR. However, we’ve seen publishers with 10% CTR all the way down to 0.006%. Given these numbers, the resulting CPM then is around $0.50 (CPC*CTR*1000).

Although desktop ad networks typically pay on the number of ad impressions (cost-per-thousand-impression, or CPM) compared to the most mobile ad networks operate on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis.

In other words, a good target performance is around $0.50 for every 1000 ad impressions, although as we’ve seen performance can be quite a bit higher, and much much lower. This means that just showing more advertisements to users may not result in more revenue for you like it does on the desktop, unless you can get a corresponding rise in the number of clicks.

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7 Steps on how to optimize your mobile ads?

  1. A good target CTR is 1% and a typical CPC is $0.05, meaning $0.50 is a good target eCPM
  2. Fill rate is still a problem for ad networks
  3. For an ad network, CTR can vary by +-20% and the CPC can vary by +-30%, so there is not a network that consistently outperforms all other networks
  4. We recommend using 4-5 ad networks to ensure maximum performance and diversity of ads
  5. Ad networks will send low-performing ads to apps that have low CTR
  6. Consider geotargeting certain ad networks
  7. Frequency cap new ad networks that you are testing before sending all of your traffic

To get the most out of your mobile banner CPC mobile advertising campaigns, you need to think carefully about the unique demands, limitations, and opportunities of the mobile advertising medium.

CPC services like Google’s Admob serve up ads to mobile device users based on a combination of the click-through rate (CTR) of your ad and the per-click bid that you make. So if you want to maximize your mobile advertising budget, you need to build a high-performing ad that will help you spend less per click.

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Planners often use CTR as a quick measure to red flag problem areas,
Examples include malfunctioning ads, below the fold publisher placements, high-frequency delivery, or rogue placements on mobile devices. It is also a critical measure for CPC campaigns on Facebook, paid search or the DR buys on ad networks where both delivery and the effective cost basis are driven by the CTR % within the algorithm. A low CTR can even result in a campaign seeing delivery choked.

Compare that to the panel ad format, which commanded an average 12.60% CTR on AppFlood. There’s a significant difference. But of course the banner ad format is traditionally known for low CTRs and IRs, so there’s no surprise there.

How to increase Google Adsense CTR in few seconds?

Mobile Banner CTR Rate,

How To Increase CTR
Average Click Through Rate

There’s been a lot of debate regarding CTR for banner ads on mobile devices. Many argue that mobile users click on banner ads by mistake and therefore can’t compete with traditional banner ads viewed on PCs. A new study out aims to debunk this myth.

The company analyzed 230 million impressions of the same banner ads on both mobile devices and traditional browsers and found that the average CTR for mobile ads was .61% compared to .07% for browsers.  Clicks on mobile devices and instead says that mobile is simply “experiencing the same kind of new and fascinating curve that banner ads had when they first asked people to punch the monkey.”

The company also says that the position of the ads on mobile devices plays a huge part as well.
 ”Mobile banners aren’t just on top of the innovation curve, but also occupy a bigger portion of the screen relative to browser based banners. In many cases, there is only one banner on the page. Furthermore, people tend to browse with their phone closer to their eyes, unlike the screen of a laptop or a desktop.”

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