Magazine Advertising Rates, CPM, Platform Techniques

Typical advertising based on magazine, newspaper platform are one of the most effective native campaigns in terms of local and national publicize ads promotion. There are 11 different types of magazine platform ad placement, which are; full page, half page, inside front cover, inside back cover, back cover, double spread, center double spread, gatefold, initial page, quarter page and thick tab.

Newspaper, Magazine advertising rates, CPM, platform techniques and calculation.

Why is, magazine, newspaper advertising platform is one of the most effective among others techniques?.

Promote based on magazine platform, is one of the most effective ad campaigns to provide the brand owners a unique opportunity for reaching quality, utilized, high-end brands to get the prestigious effect of multiple offers that relevance the audience decisions exact needs, wants, without a time limit.

There are three(3) types effective proven words, that may captivate the audience decisions, opinions, interest, pieces of advice, insights, and strong fashions, which are;

Message Impact – based on research, the most effective ad placement platform is “full-page”, it will visualize the whole rich ads image to attract the attention of your audience interest.

Audience Relevance Interest – advertisers must know your audience interest that relevance to your products or vice versa as brand owners to your audience marketable effectiveness impact.

Multiple Brand Exposure – this type of platform will guide the audience interest not only ones, twice and trice. Best effective-cost ad placement format platforms are; inside front cover, quarter page, inside back cover. 

The good news of this platform, It will defend the decision of brand owners to deal bleeding budget cost,
for every multiple ads, exposure. Exposing in the different platform has a price, But there are a lot of ways to ensure the quality content that may readers like to repeat use and get the potential reach numbers of people as a market strat techniques.

Additional tips,

Creating premium interaction impact will engage to deliver the news and magazine platform to a strong positive brand value, and interest that relevant to audience readers resulting in taking action chance to push the opportunity without wastage is the strength key to reaching the goals.

Strike while the iron is hot;

Magazine Advertising Bidding Rates and CPM cost effective value,

Both Newspapers and Magazine brand exposure are top 3&4 of the most cost-effective ad campaign with a high (ROI) return on investments, But magazine advertising too high expensive ad bid rates in business to business rating either brand owners step to (CPM) or cost per thousand readers/viewers.

Today, this article may help you to encourage and lead to knowledge, before bleeding money as advertisers rate. Take time to study which are most effective, that may rise your assets, through a right decision or maybe fail to achieve the goals.

Hoping that will not going to be, this short article may a reason to ensure your market will lead to the right spending budget cost.

Since newspaper and magazine advertising rates in 2015 according to a research for global (adspend) 12.8% for typical newspaper ads and 6.5% for magazine, But the research shows it will decrease up to 2018 that may (adspend) to 10% for newspaper while 5.3% decrease for magazine advertising spent. This will lead to expensive bidding rate including the (cpm) base.

The reason of this downward, mobile advertising deeply dominating popular in the worldwide market, as of today there are 4.77Billion cell phone users worldwide.

Publish circulation rate base is the new pricing system in local and national newspaper, magazine advertising campaign.

This is how the system work,

The calculation is based on audience total circulation, advertisers will be credited the total audited circulation booked by the advertiser, is lower by more than two percent (2%). It calculated by multiplying the ‘net cost‘ after middle man companies (excluding production premiums) (“Net Cost”).

See example calculation ‘published circulation rate base‘,

If the “Net Cost” of the advertiser’s insertion is $100,000 and the total audited
circulation of an issue is three percent lower than its published circulation rate base, credit would be calculated as follows: $100,000 x (3% – 2%) = $1,000.

See example calculation ” based on (CPM) cost per thousand,

If the ad display costs budget is $4,000 and the average newspaper, magazine cpm rate with a circulation of 100,000 minimum ad display, your possible cost to reach 1,000 readers is $40, since 100,000 / 1,000 = 100 and $4,000 / 100 = $40.

A $2,000 ad in a magazine with 20,000 readers may seem cheaper than the $4,000 newspaper ad, but by spending investment cost $100 to reach 1,000 readers, you need to spent(bleed) more money to reach each potential customer.

Magazine, Newspaper Advertising Techniques – to reach a great result on display advertising rates will come to smart investments lead to a truly premium business technology audience interest.

Most of Newspaper and Magazine rates open to premium advertisers categorize in different panel estimated cost, 2-page Spread start $10,000 – $50,000, full-page $5,000 – $40,000, ½-page $3,000 – $25,000, ¼-page $1,000 – $15,000.

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