Latest Update | How to Increase Admob Revenue Per Impression | RPM Rate

Admob is one of the greatest mobile ad companies founded by Google companies, They pay mobile publishers in real fill rate, also pay developers in very high mobile developing projects, in a mobile apps, in any mobile categories like iphone.
In order get high increase admob mobile revenue per impression rate – RPM rate you should target your mobile traffic market in 7 most high RPM countries.

admob rpm rate

Those are:

Even though you have that countries traffic you need to create top 10 niche  content below,

Insurance $54.00
Treatment $ 37,00
Loans       $ 44.00
Claim        $ 45.00
Conference Call $ 42.00
Lawyer              $ 42.00
Gas Electricity    $ 57.00
Donate               $ 42.00
Recovery           $ 43.00
Mortgage           $ 44.00

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