Knowing the Average CPM Rates

Getting to know the average CPM Rates of online advertising using Banner type advertising, From our study we have 4 major type advertising, Animated Flash Advertising, Video Advertising, Pay Per Click Advertising , and Affiliate Advertising . Those are the best 4 major advertising Strategy to help webmaster or online marketer better result in driving product sales online.

Average CPM Rate Worldwide for online Display Advertising on Ad Networks increase by 41% – 41 percent – year on year .

Online Advertising Average CPM Rates

Animated Flash Advertising – These ads bring in a huge amount of revenue for advertisers, simply because they are so eye catching. But does that make these ads any less annoying than other ads such as audible ads? The ads that jump onto your screen and seemingly float around your browser are of course some of the most difficult ads to close or stop. Again, these ads can be very effective, but only if highly targeted and not intrusive.

Pay Per Click Advertising – these ads are the bread and butter of Google’s market share and there’s a reason that they are – its because they work! PPC ads can be some of the most targeted and trackable ads online. My company offers PPC Management as one if its services, and with that service you get an entire team of people optimizing your campaign. One of the nice things about PPC ads is that they can be tested and tested and tested. I’m talking about all kinds of things such as…GEO targeting, broad keywords, negative keywords, A & B testing, landing page optimization, arbitrage and many other strategies that can lead to your success.

Affiliate Advertising – This is an amazing concept…take your product and give it to 100s of people who want to promote it and then give them a small percentage of the sales that they bring in. Now, that’s a powerful concept and its one that is a win-win situation for the advertiser and the affiliate. Granted, there are ways to inflate affiliate earnings ( I just did a quick talk about this to a company in Oregon last week!) but if managed correctly, you can minimize your risk by using an affiliate program to have other people promote your product. Affiliate programs shift the risk and the capital ($) investment that would normally be spent on an advertising campaign.

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Contextual Ad Network | Video Ad Network | Rich Media Ad Network,

Video Advertising – This growing market is basically going straight up. Since Google bought YouTube, advertisers have been itching to get into video ads and content publishers are answering their interest. Video ads have 2 different types, pre-roll or interstitial ads. Yahoo uses a lot of pre-roll ads whenever you click a video on their network, while the CW TV network uses a lot of interstitial ads when you watch old episodes of your favorite TV show. There are also text ads that are starting to show up in videos. Google announced in February that advertisers can now do AdSense with ads. Launch participant Brightcove said in a release that “Publishers and content providers can control which videos get which ads and when the ads play in each video.

Base on 2013 study about the average CPM rates it depends of what type of site niche, The standard average liquidate into advertiser and publisher is base on 60% publisher CPM rate against 40% advertiser rate.

Different Average CPM Advertising Rate,
Facebook Average CPM Ad Rate – US Facebook Ad CTR Up 11%
Mobile Average CPM Ad Rate – Mobile Game Average CPM Rate increase up to 66% price.

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