jango advertising cost

How much does it cost to run a ad on Jango?

The internet radio Jango advertising cost, depending on your budget and goals, Jango cost to advertise offer everything from run-of-site to targeted placements based on music taste, user demographics, location, genre and artist data, and other well-defined categories. Through a variety of standard and custom solutions, we offer both tactical performance advertisers and strategic brand advertisers a host of unique opportunities to reach your audience and achieve your goals.

Jango offers free internet radio that plays listener-selected artists alongside similar artists. Tell it which artists and songs you like and dislike, and it adjusts accordingly. Basic social networking features are included, allowing listeners to share music and compare tastes.

Jango Airplay lets artists buy their way into Jango’s recommendation engine, promising guaranteed airplay alongside your pick of popular artists. You can buy 1000 plays for $30, 2000 plays for $50, or 5000 plays for $100. I started with 5000 plays, and was so encouraged by the results that I spent another $200 for 10,000 more.

There are types of advertisements on Jango radio and there is a 15 seconds ad slot at the end of each song for free users. So essentially, the listeners already have to suffer ads from product companies then they have to suffer ads from bands.

Jango is a streaming internet radio station with over 7 million active listeners. They strive to make music discovery both simple and social, by providing appealing ways for fans to find new music they love, while simultaneously listening to music they’re already a fan of. Users can customize stations, and those stations can be shared among listeners, so it’s easy to see and hear what people of similar tastes are listening to.

Through Jango’s method of interspersing independent artists with established acts, they’ve created both a unique environment for listeners, as well as an opportunity for musicians to target potential fans in extremely specialized ways.

Jango encourages listeners to become your fan, and also to share their email address with you. You also get data that tallies how many times your songs were played, when and where they were played, and how people who heard your songs rated them. You can find out which songs resonate the most with fans, and where your tracks have the most impact.

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