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TV Advertising how much total of International CPM Price,

The Most Expensive TV ADS Price,

When you plan to advertise in digital advertising and media advertising just like 30 second TV commercial video ads you need to be sure your television investment plan, Because the Cpm calculation for TV ads is very expensive but 90% product sales effectiveness, High ROI – Return On Investment.

TV ADS CPM Calculating Possible Level Prices,

3 Types of TV Commercial Ads Prices
Minimum Level – It possible your campaign can deliver minimum of 500,000 to 1 million weekly impression for only $150 per day investment cost.

Starter Level – It Possible your ad campaign can deliver 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 weekly impressions for only $500 per day  investment cost.

Advanced Level – It possible your ad campaign can deliver minimum of  4,000,000 to 7, 000,000 million weekly impressions for just $ 1,500 per day investment cost.

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How do I find rates or prices for explaining  television advertising?

No single directory or website exists that lists all TV advertising rates. Finding sources that price the cost of advertising on cable, network, and local television requires cpm – (cost per impression) research and calculations.

Pricing of prime-time programs in major TV networks on cable and broadcasting is available from the Advertising Age Data Center along with other good information on advertising costs, statistics, leading agencies and rankings.

As we all knew 30 second video advertising is always display ads in media commercial campaign and digital campaign distribution like TV, Cable, and Satellite televisions, Today good news to advertisers but bad news to viewer consumers because 30 second video advertising is migrating to web advertising in any different online video hosting platform companies.

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You all apprehend the matter i am talking regarding, and yes, you have seen it on our own website — on videos hosted by Pine Tree State, and doubtless even the video embedded during this diary post. you wish to look at a video on the net, and before you’ll be able to get to it video, you are long-faced with a 30-second ad that you simply cannot fast-forward or skip specially in YouTube.


Advertising Age has pricing for prime-time programs on major broadcasting networks and cable in the Fact Pack


To find out cost for local or regional markets, multiply the SQAD cost per point levels for any market profiles times the Nielsen Ratings for a given program. SQAD costs are available in a print directory called SRDS TV & Cable Source, Wilson Library Business Reference Collection, call number: HF5905.S745.

Nielsen rating are not easily available but sometimes listed in newspapers or industry magazines. Media information can be searched in the following library research databases:


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