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iHeart Radio, is digital radio service live stations owned by iHeartMedia, with its 245 million monthly U.S. listeners overestimated minimum iHeartRadio advertising cost start $5000 – $25000 weekly tariff per up to 30million ads impression drive to your target audience.

America’s leading media company with a greater reach than any radio, digital, or television outlet. The tariff for iHeart radio advertising cost inquiry and marketing experts research, understand the Richmond advertising landscape to provide your business with the most cost-effective solutions to reach and impact your target audience.

On targeting impact pulse to your subject audience, much better to deliver your message to the enormous audience sizes, diverse the audience across multiple platforms, including the Richmond radio stations, digital assets, and live events. The iHeartMedia & iHeartRadio, ad agency on producing radio advertising and marketing specialists, are genuine and tested on making a short call to your audience based on audio ads. The advertising pricing model typically based on (CPM) the cost per thousand impressions.

iHeartMedia’s more than 850 radio stations offer advertisers local activation and national reach. Individual station brands give advertisers the ability to connect with diverse audiences in local markets across the country. Utilize our Station Search to communicate with station contacts in your area and other markets.

To buy iHeart radio advertising, call 844-BUY-RADIO (844-289-7234).

There are different types of ads channel offered by iHeartMedia to reach your audience target which are;

National – iHeartMedia gives advertisers social opportunities through its unparalleled range of media assets including on-air, online and live events. It creates comprehensive, innovative campaigns for some of the country’s largest companies. The ability to connect and activate consumers locally and on a national scale makes iHeartMedia the leading media company in America.

Digital – iHeartMedia’s critical digital assets include thousands of station and show websites, more than 100 million registered iHeartRadio users, and nearly 85 million followers across its social network. iHeartMedia continues to be one of the most popular digital music destinations in the U.S.and provides unique digital assets with massive reach to create innovative campaigns and programs for crucial advertising and marketing partners.

Events – iHeartMedia presents world-class events across the country including the iHeartRadio Music Festival, the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party, Jingle Ball, Wango Tango in Los Angeles and more. iHeartMedia’s national and local events present unique opportunities for advertisers to engage with the audience both on-air and on-site.

Billboards – The billboards span every format from the standard to the spectacular, through premium and digital built in some of the world’s most prestigious locations including New York’s Times Square and Paris’ La Défense. And the advances in illumination, high-density printing, dry-posting and digital technology continue to add fresh inspiration for ad teams around the world.

Street Furniture – In streets throughout the globe, we’re part of the furniture operating hundreds of thousands of displays in partnership with local communities worldwide. When brands advertise on the street structures, they become part of the public social space, entering people’s thoughts and conversations when they are out and about, shopping, commuting and socializing.

Full motion spectacular displays – Bring your brand to life in Times Square, the center of the advertising universe –and one of the most recognized landscapes in the world. Place your message in front of nearly half a million visitors per day. The full-motion interactive displays engage passersby via bold, iconic creative, experiential events, gaming and interactive crowd cams. With social sharing, the impact of innovative campaigns extends far beyond this 12-block venue.

Airports – The worldwide airport network caters to jet-setting travelers with high household income. Integrate your brand messaging into the customer journey via can’t-miss displays, charging stations, digital screens and experiential opportunities. Multiple touch-points with top dwell times connect with a captive audience throughout the airport environment. Clear Channel Airports currently manages more than 280 airport programs across the globe, with a presence in 32 of the top 50 U.S. markets. Provide your audience target, and we’ll provide the travelers.

Transit – The transit portfolio covers a wide range of formats on bus, tram, ferry, rail and subway systems. We enable advertisers to reach commuters, urban professionals, and shoppers while they’re out and about in settings that deliver high-profile exposure, quick recall and heightened brand awareness.

Malls and Supermarkets – Consumers are especially receptive to brands and advertising at the point of sale. With a range of products and a growing digital portfolio that includes full-motion animation, we reach millions of people while they are in “consideration mode.”

Smartbikes – The SmartBike systems offer cities a new, sustainable, healthy form of public transport that fills the gaps that buses and trams can’t reach. Since introducing the first SmartBike program more than ten years ago, we have developed custom solutions in cities including Barcelona, Stockholm and Mexico City. In Milan, we pioneered the launch of the world’s first electronic SmartBike scheme. Each year, subscribers and tourists take an average of 20 billion trips, representing more than 70 million kilometers traveled on the bikes.

More info: visit (iHeartMedia Advertising)

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