How Website Advertising Affect Search Engine Rank?

Last day someone told me he wanted to start a blog and have it rank on the first page of Google.
At first, he was so certain that simply creating the blog and titling it something would make Google call it up, just like that.
So, I had the unfortunate task of bursting his bubble and having to tell him that no, you’re not just going to appear on the first page of Google because you want to.
Here are a few factors that play a role in your search engine rankings (and by few, we mean a few of the hundreds Google uses in their algorithm.
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Keyword Use and Competitiveness,

First of all, there are certain keywords or phrases that are highly popular. “Food reviews”, for example, would be a very competitive term because lots of different legitimate sites, news sources, and blogs use that term.
How do you get around this? Well, you can continue to use the term and let your content accumulate, but there are other factors that I will address that also play into this becoming a success.
You can also use less competitive terms that will also capture a good amount of traffic. Do some research on keyword competition.

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Quality, Fresh Content

SiteAdWiki, we’ll tell you this all the time.
Google continues to improve its algorithm to reward quality content.
Your content must be fresh and demonstrate a range of words that are associated with the topic/keyword for which you want to rank. This tips Google off to legitimate expertise.

Of course, at its most basic, you’re giving yourself more chances to appear on Google with a variety of words being added to your site on a regular basis.
At the advanced level, you’re encouraging repeat visitors and links to your content, which also factor into your overall search engine ranking.

Website Maturity,

The length of time a domain is registered has an impact on the search ranking of the website.
Even if the domain goes inactive for a few months, that could cause the site to take a hit with its SEO. This is part as a defense against malicious and spam sites, which get created every day.
This area is somewhat controversial; some experts believe that this does not play into search engine ranking while others do.
However, it is important to keep in mind that Google indexes sites regularly and the more information it has on your site, the more it will view you as a trusted website.
A quality website is important and there a lot of factors that play into your search engine rankings.

3 Qualities Your Website Must Have.

  • Website design,

    • Just like when you’re buying a car or other appliances, you don’t necessarily know how it all works, it just matters that it does. A website is the same: it has to match your style and suit your unique needs.
    • Whether you’re designing your website with us or another company, here are three qualities your website must have:

Intuitive User Interface,

    • Now, this is easier said than done. There are quite a few rules that fall under this category, but we mostly recommend a clean design with a simple navigation.
    • Website visitors make snap decisions, and if they can’t find what they’re looking for within seconds, they’ll leave (and visit a competitor’s site, perhaps). We always design sites with best practices in mind so that our clients’ sites are navegable and understandable.
    • This doesn’t mean sacrifice innovation; you don’t want to be cookie cutter. You just want to follow the basic usage guidelines.

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    • There are countless sites out there that sacrifice readability for design. Don’t choose a too-light font color just because it looks better with the color scheme.
    • One of the main reasons your website exists is to share information, and no one will read it if it’s too hard on the eyes.
    • Readability can also get lost in other ways, like bad organization or information overload. Have you ever been intimidated by large blocks of text in an article? Chop up your text into manageable pieces and organize it in a logical manner.

3 Tips For Writing Quality Content,

    • Calls To Action (CTAs)
    • What’s the point of your site? Do you want to collect lead information for your sales team? Do you want to promote your store’s merchandise? It’s likely you’ll have a few goals. It’s important you know your goals when you’re designing your site and your marketing strategy, because your calls to action are where those two endeavors intersect.
    • The placement of your CTAs is also essential.
    • I like to use the metaphor of the grocery store here:
    • Have you ever thought about how the grocery store is organized?
    • The milk is always in the back since it is one of the most-bought items and the grocery store wants to drive foot traffic past its other merchandise.
    • More costly items are usually set up at eye-level to get the most attention or sale items are pulled into a special section or by the checkout lines. How many times have you walked past the manager’s special bread and just thrown a baguette or something into your cart because it was there?
    • The way the store is organized encourages buying behavior, and a website’s organization can have the same effect.
    • We like to design banners and right-side graphics, and we put a message at the bottom of most of our pages and articles. These must go where the eyes naturally go.

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