How to Penetrate your Market Automatically Targeting High End Mobile Devices?

HEM or High End Mobile Devices, are the latest most effective high targeting ‘ROI’ (Return on investment) base on online advertising through digital campaign including desktops, tablets and all mobile devices.

Now Lets talk about How to Penetrate your Market Automatically Targeting High End Mobile Devices? If you don’t know Smartphone users is very popular in Europe country specially Italy and Spain and the third one is United state. Investor and Marketing promoter must know this kind of advertising that product will acquits directly to consumer that’s why mobile marketing is very effective in terms of digital campaign.

How they work correctly?

If you do have existing campaign target your products by completing the following,
In the Ad Groups or keyword tab underneath the graph click on the segment option. You will see options for Devices. Once you segment by this, you will notice the amount of traffic and cost from visitors who are clicking on your ads from their high end mobile device. This will give you an idea if you need to separate or exclude your campaign from high-end mobile devices.

Targeting High End Mobile Devices

There are two types of mobile devices that we can target through Google Adwords: We can target high-end mobile phone with full internet browsers or low-end phones (also known as WAP) devices. WAP devices include Treo’s, RAZR’s and similar type model phones.

target high end mobile devices

Every day we are seeing more searching being done by user’s mobile devices!

target mobile high end devices.

How Do We Target Devices With Full Internet Browsers?

Device platform targeting is applied at the campaign level.

You can target your ads to specific mobile carriers and devices by selecting “Advanced device and network options” under the Devices section on your Campaign Settings page.

What are Devices with Full Internet Browsers?

We define full browsers as those that can show standard HTML web pages and can support a user making a purchase from start to finish, including supporting any tracking or Analytics functionality on e-commerce pages. These include Palm Pre, iPhone/iTouch, and Android

Where will my ads show?

Check out this handy chart:

An overall best practice is to create separated mobile campaigns from your desktop campaigns. But before you separate out the traffic, you will need to ask yourself these questions:

Am I looking to increase my mobile traffic volume?

Do I have a Mobile product, optimized site or feature that I would like to promote separate from Desktop?

Do I want to manage my Mobile Bids separately from my desktop bids?

Do I want to control my mobile messaging separately from my desktop messaging?

Do I want to run clear reports on my mobile campaigns?

  1. When Mobile Campaigns are Separated, You will have:
  2. Reports that show pure mobile performance
  3. More control of how your budgets is being spent on Mobile
  4. Control your messaging and have specific Mobile call to actions
  5. Ability to adjust your bids for Mobile separate from Desktop
  6. Ability to create separate reports specifically for Mobile High-End Devices
  7. Use of unique tracking URLs just for Mobile
  8. Ability to create specific targeted ad groups to target mobile content more effectively.

Separate Campaigns to Better Manage Mobile

  • Create separate Mobile campaigns. This allows you to customize the ads, keywords and bids specifically for High End Mobile Devices
  • Think About How a User Would Search for Your Product
  • Mobile users typically enter no more than one to two words per query. Use broad matching and general keywords to maximize ad impressions for both Search and Content. Keep it simple.
  • Analytics and Conversion Tracking Work on Mobile
  • Use conversion tracking, even if you are not selling anything on your mobile site. This way you can learn how effective your ads are and if they result in specific site activities.
  • Be Aggressive When Bidding on Mobile
  • Prepare to bid 2x higher to get on the first page of search results. You will be competing to have your ad serve on 2 ad spots versus 10 for desktop. This makes these ads spots very valuable and highly competitive.
  • Use Click – to – Call Feature if appropriate
  • Click-to-Call is one of the most effective ways to connect to your consumers. We have seen URLs CTR increase by 30% by using the CTC feature. Here’s an example of how to set it up:
target mobile high end divices.

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