How to get traffic in Mobile

Past couple years ago mobile traffic across the globe increasing 11% in World Wide Web, Actual analysis 2013 17.4% increase of web traffic has come through mobile.

Mobile Traffic 2012 to 2013 analysis,

  • Starting from 2012 first quarter 13.5% up to 2013 last quarter 23.9% growth pattern increase 79% mobile traffic from world wide web.

Most Mobile traffic devices top segmented analysis,

    • Smartphones Users – 17.5%
    • Tablets – 11.7%
    • Portable Devices –
    • iPhone – 36%
    • iPads and iPad Minis – 18%
    • BlackBerrys – 2%
    • Android devices – 42%

Global mobile data traffic, 

Cellular plus Wi-Fi, has been revised slightly from last year (2012 total traffic revised to 1.3 exabytes from 1.5 exabytes/month; 2016 traffic revised to 13.8 exabytes from 13.9 exabytes), the shift from cellular to Wi-Fi is occurring faster than we had anticipated. The table below compares the 2012 and 2013 forecasts.

Mobile VNI report, 
Highlights an acceleration of smartphone uptake, and even faster adoption relative to the use of mobile connected laptops. While mobile connected laptops, mostly using dongles, helped drive early consumption of mobile data traffic, consumers are adopting smart phones and tablets faster than earlier forecasted. The shift from mobile connected laptops to smart phones and tablets lowers data consumption as the latter use less data per application (because of smaller screens size and lower processing speeds). Forecasting to 2017, smart phones and tablets are expected to overwhelm laptops and account for about 80% of connected devices in 2017 vs. only 14% for laptops.

How to get traffic in Mobile,

    • Boost your Richmedia Apps
    • Analyse your content exactly products target effectiveness
    • Flckr photo sharing
    • Enhance Social Network Activity
    • Google and Youtube Video mix sharing

3 ways to increase mobile traffic Immedietly

    • Optimize mobile referencing-
    • Search engine optimization, and referencing can also help grow your audience. In order to achieve this, you need to produce high quality content and focus on selected keywords you wish to be associated with.

Optimize social media activity

    • One of the fastest and most effective ways to communicate with internet users is via social media, even more so if you already have a large following.
    • Publish and share your mobile webpage link

Use our free QR Code generator to promote your webpage,

    • Feel free to use the generator to allow your users to instantly access your mobile webpage from different points.
    • QR Codes’ efficiency emanates from their simplicity. Scanning a QR Code takes 10 seconds, whereas manually typing a web address takes three times.

Niche high Mobile Traffic,

Mobile top niche high Traffic,

Classified SiteAds | Youtube CPM

Top Online CPM Site |Average CPM Rate | TribalFusion CPM Rate

Contextual Ad Network | Video Ad Network | Rich Media Ad Network,

If the analysts are accurate, 2014 over 50% of website traffic will be coming from mobile devices (the Mayans also may or may not have predicted it…although their track record isn’t that great). Should you wait until after this “mobile apocalypse” happens to optimize your website for mobile? That depends on if you are a reactive or proactive type of person. If you have not had a look at your own mobile web traffic lately, this prediction may sound as unlikely as December 21, 2012.

A few months ago, we released a free tool that helps marketers easily pull their mobile traffic data from Google Analytics, while also giving a more in-depth analysis of your current mobile trends. Using aggregate and anonymous data from the free tool, we decided to test just how close reality is tracking to that “50% by 2014” prediction.

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