How much Does it Cost to Advertise on Spotify

The most dominating internet radio music podcast on-demand video streaming is Spotify. In fact, the year 2016 is the highest sales Spotify statista earned 2.93 billion euros including estimated minimum cost to advertise for premium advertisers start $5 – $30 per (CPM)advertising on Spotify cost over 140 million monthly Spotify active users. Best media kit for free users and premium online music station, that offers a paid and freemium subscription for each user and listeners.

Which are available in 5 major countries in the whole world, operated satellite headquarter office at United States, New Zealand, and Australia, ASIA, Europe.

In the year 2006, 23 April; 11 years ago. Spotify radio and music podcast discovered in Stockholm, Sweden by Daniel Ek, Martin Lorentzon the founders.

Spotify radio & music streaming podcast company has 1,600+ employee declared over $2.18 billion sales revenue in the year of 2015. It continued to the highest rating revenue sales in the year of 2016 which is dominated the music podcast industry when they reached 2.93bn EUR including statistic of on-demand video streaming.

Cost to advertise on Spotify Music Podcast Station

Estimated of 150 million monthly active subscribers 66% of them are free users, it means basic features are free with advertisements. The other users claimed approximately 33% equals to 50 million paying for a premium subscription as of March 2017 and enjoyable offline music downloads.

Spotify Guaranteed Premium Subscribers,

Get 30 days of Premium for free. No ads, no limits, no worries.
Playlists for any moment · Find great new artists · Premium sound quality · Stream ad-free music. featuring your favourite under ground music.


Pandora subscription standard rates;  How much does advertise with Spotify cost per premium subscriber per month to the student, family subscribers?

  • Premium student plan subscription average cost rates start amount at $5.00 up to $10.00 per month.
  • Family plan premium subscription average cost rates sales and the regular price starts amount at $9.99 up to $14.99, £14,99 or AU$17.99 for (family 5) members.


Cost to Advertise Spotify,

There are million of prospect internet radio advertisers, brand owners, investors, ad buyers, searching; how much does it cost to advertise on Spotify?. Spotify ads price is based on (CPM) cost per thousand impressions with a very reasonable pricing.

Advertise on Spotify willing to bleed money to bring their brands, services, merchandise, event calendar, directly engage with your prospect consumers.

How much does it cost to advertise Spotify?

  • Advertisers minimum budget Spotify price for radio advertisement podcast spend start $25,000 over 100 million Spotify active users.
  • Spotify CPM minimum of $5.00 up to $30 minimum CPM rates for every 1000 views Spotify ads for fremium active users.

So if you plan to advertise Spotify internet radio & music podcast minimum spend starts at $25,000/month on radio ads and want to roll 20% of your spend amount slice into premium online channels, you’d keep $20,000/month in radio ads with $5,000 in online audio and video ads active demographic audiences through respective desktop and mobile platform.

After the initial test of your brands, consider best performing ads that high return on investment(ROI) to avoid bleeding money without returns.

Advertising Rate Card Spotify,

Spotify homes over one.5 billion playlists and audiences pay a median of 148 minutes per day streaming audio on completely different devices. Of its sixty million monthly active users, fifteen million ar paid subscribers, which means seventy-fifths of Spotify users don’t have a paid subscription and obtain audio ads.

If you know someone who likes it this way, then buying them a Spotify Premium subscription could be the perfect gift.

Similarly, you can introduce someone for the first time to the joys of unlimited streaming by giving them a Spotify Premium subscription.

Whatever your reason, follow this guide to see how easy it is to instantly send anyone Spotify credit.


    1. Go to the Spotify website.

    1. Click the login button near the top of the screen. Log in using Facebook or enter your username/password and then click Log In.

    1. Scroll down to the bottom of the web page and click the Gift hyperlink. If you don’t see this then you can get to Spotify’s e-card gift webpage via this link.

    1. Select the amount of subscription you want to send by clicking one of the radio buttons. At the time of writing, you can choose 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

    1. In the Order Details section, fill in your email address and select a delivery date. Choose a payment method by clicking the radio button under one of the listed options.

    1. In the Personalize section, choose one of the e-card designs by clicking a radio button.

    1. Type your name in the Senders Name text box followed by the name of the person you are gifting in the Recipient Name box.

    1. In the Recipient Email text box, type in the email address where you want the gift to be sent — double check this so it goes to the right place!

  1. Type in an optional personal message. To see how the e-card will look click the Preview Message button. If all looks good, click the Continue button.

If you elected to pay by credit card, you’ll see a Confirm Purchase screen where you can view the order. Check this is correct and then enter your card details.

Click the Confirm Payment button. If you chose Paypal then you’ll see a different screen where you will need to log into PayPal.

You should now see a screen asking if you want to print or email the card you’ve just purchased. You can either click on the Print button or the Send as Email button — or both!.

Types of Spotify Advertisements

Spotify Production Cost Minimum Ads Budget Price: £300 + VAT

Media Kit: Spotify offers advertisers seven different types of Ads Specs


    1. Audio Ads – audio ads on Spotify are played during commercial ads breaks, in-between songs

    1. Display  Banner Ads Format – Banner ads are generally shown at the top of the Spotify browser when a user signs in and moves out to the bottom of the page.

    1. Billboard Ads, –

    1. Homepage Takeovers, –

    1. Branded Playlists, –

    1. Lightbox –

    1. Advertiser Pages. –

    1. Sponsored Songs – is a new ad format of Spotify product test, which lets labels pay to promote songs and have them appear in users’ playlists to promote singles on the free tier.”

These advertisements vary in size, type, and user engagement. Audio ads run for a maximum of 30 seconds as a commercial in between streamed tracks. Display ads, billboard ads, and light boxes appear during active and inactive use.


How does Spotify Ads work?

Anytime user signs into Spotify, they’ll see a sponsored ad on their homepage banner. Again, this applies only to free users, something to keep in mind throughout the rest of this post. But homepage banner ads aren’t the only type of ad to be found on Spotify.

Display marketers should expect to find both familiar and rather new ad formats available. Like we already mentioned, display marketers now have access to Spotify ads through real-time bidding platforms like The Trade Desk.

What makes Spotify a bit unique is the level of information provided. Using data provided by Spotify and first-party information, marketers can inform their buying decisions based on user-listening-habits.Certain Spotify ad formats are also more resistant to ad-blockers, said Spotify this past summer. Audio ad formats are particularly more effective against ad-blocking software. But it’s not as if Spotify users are entirely against ads while enjoying music.

According to numbers from Spotify, 75% of digital audio listeners think commercials are totally fine on a free streaming service. 47% also said that ads are even less intrusive on a service like Spotify, rather than traditional radio.

List of Spotify Premium Sponsored Advertisers,

A lot of brand names may now target your consumer’s impact pulse using Spotify podcast radio playlist ads based on the time of day branded expansion campaign. Spotify is now open to serve more biggest brand sponsored advertising over 100 million active global listeners per month and 50million  free-music consumers active in commercial exchange spot. Spotify increased consumer’s sales using the latest video ads buying option that results in higher trust rating to sponsored advertisers.

The list of latest Spotify sponsored advertisers are; Gatorade, Bacardi and Bose in the U.S and continued enclosed with Unilever, Omnicom, Dentsu Aegis and Mediavest. according to adweek,

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