How Does Bounce Rate Affected in Your Website

Users site engagement is very important specially high bounce rate and low bounce rate this usually affected when your visitors visiting page to another page or exit page.

Today were going to write about why bounce rates affect your users engagement of your website, How to make low bounce rate, Were stick to the basics today, and expand the topic all over.

If you already knew the ad refresh rate then lets about bounce rate,

What Is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is a very important metric of your website users engagement. It basically tells that the percentage of your visitors are “bouncing” away after landing on your site (e.g., they just visit one page and leave before clicking on to a second page inside your site). A bounce can occur for several reasons.

All the example actions below would cause the visitor to leave your site.
Provided any of these actions right after arriving at your site (and before clicking on to a second page), it would be counted as a bounce.

6 Different Bounce Rate Visitors Engagement,

  1. The visitor hit the “Back” button on his browser.
  2. The visitor closed his browser.
  3. The visitor clicked on one of your ads.
  4. The visitor clicked on one of your external links.
  5. The visitor used the search box on his browser.
  6. The visitor typed a new URL on his browser.

Calculation formula on how you find bounce rate on your website,

Bounce rate = Visits that left after one page / Total number of visits

How to Calculate your Bounce rate?
If your site received 120,000 visits, out of which 80,000 bounced after visiting just one page, your bounce rate for that month would be 80,000 divided by 120,000, which equals to 0.66 (or 66%). Notice that you can calculate the bounce rate of your whole website or of single pages inside it.

Conclusion About Bounce Rate : The lower bounce rate on your website, the better it is,
 Meaning to say if your visitors are getting engaged your content and then click another content and visit again another content 100% your site has low bounce rate.

High Bounce rate – This means visitors did not visit other related content of your sites, It possible you didn’t meet the relevance content of what researcher, visitors, users the potential content the need.

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