There are millions of demand work, services, job, labor, offered in the countries of Middle East especially in Kuwait. One of the biggest oil suppliers in the world is Kuwait. Upon explored and researched, there are 33 lists of largest oil company headquartered in Kuwait. As of latest, Kuwait has a population 4.2 million, people; 1.3 million are Kuwaitis and 2.9 million are expatriates accounted for 70% of the population.

Upon worldwide salary explorer based in Kuwait latest job vacancies, over 255 highest paid employment professionals job in Kuwait. They offered high paying salary average rate to start at KWD100 up to 7000 KWD for engineer, accountant, system software developer, (IT) most in demand automotive and mechanical engineers.

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Thousands of traditional latest job vacancies in Kuwait, there are thousands of hotels in Kuwait, top 5 of them near in the city of Kuwait are; JW Marriott Hotel Kuwait City, Hilton Kuwait Resort, Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa, Radisson Blu Hotel, Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait offered for as low as average rate start at $200 up to $300 for every 24 hours stay over thousands of professionals employment job hiring to the valued foreign workers.

Calculation of wage salaries comparing monthly, the yearly basis of the minimum rates start  50 KWD to 6,800 KWD (sports instructor to executive jobs). There is a standing position which offered for an hourly and weekly position with standard average wage salary rate to every foreign workers including private sector and public sector companies or employer.

The best advantage for hired applicants may enjoy with career information employee benefits. Aside from salaries, they offered health care benefits, accommodation, foods other related offers from the company. Here they are the 255 employment professional jobs offered for Kuwaitis and foreign workers listed as highest paid job opportunities in Kuwait.

[1] Residential Property Manager (Real Estate)6,800 KWD
[2] Financial Reporting Consultant (Accounting and Finance)6,667 KWD
[3] HRIS Manager (Human Resources)6,000 KWD
[4] Public Relations Manager (Public Relations)5,833 KWD
[5] Vice President (Executive and Management)5,417 KWD
[6] Environmental Manager (Environmental)5,000 KWD
[7] IT Director (Information Technology)5,000 KWD
[8] Chief Executive Officer (Executive and Management)4,300 KWD
[9] Executive Director (Executive and Management)4,000 KWD
[10] Group Branch Manager (Banking)3,900 KWD
[11] Planning Director (Executive and Management)3,800 KWD
[12] Market Development Manager (Marketing)3,700 KWD
[13] Director of Catering Services (Executive and Management)3,600 KWD
[14] Network Engineering Manager (Information Technology)3,500 KWD
[15] Electrical Engineering Manager (Electrical and Electronics Trades)3,500 KWD
[16] Geologist (Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining)3,500 KWD
[17] Facilities Maintenance Manager (Facilities / Maintenance / Repair)3,425 KWD
[18] Project Manager (Construction / Building / Installation)3,233 KWD
[19] Physician – Cardiology (Health and Medical)3,000 KWD
[20] Consultant (Human Resources)3,000 KWD
[21] Medical Administrator (Health and Medical)3,000 KWD
[22] Architectural Manager (Architecture)2,950 KWD
[23] Project Manager (Executive and Management)2,838 KWD
[24] Supply Chain Manager (Purchasing and Inventory)2,833 KWD
[25] Construction Project Manager (Construction / Building / Installation)2,800 KWD
[26] Exploration Manager (Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining)2,600 KWD
[27] Marine Engineer (Engineering)2,500 KWD
[28] Foreign Exchange Manager (Banking)2,500 KWD
[29] Food Service Director (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)2,500 KWD
[30] Physician – CCU (Health and Medical)2,500 KWD
[31] Geologist (Science and Technical Services)2,500 KWD
[32] Dentist (Health and Medical)2,100 KWD
[33] Zone Manager (Executive and Management)2,071 KWD
[34] Drilling Engineer (Engineering)2,000 KWD
[35] National Sales Manager (Sales Retail and Wholesale)2,000 KWD
[36] Quality Control Analyst (Quality Control and Compliance)2,000 KWD
[37] Assistant Vice President (Executive and Management)2,000 KWD
[38] Professor – English (Teaching / Education)2,000 KWD
[39] Fitness Instructors (Fitness / Hair / Beauty)2,000 KWD
[40] Business Development (Business Planning)1,887 KWD
[41] Civil Engineer (Engineering)1,880 KWD
[42] Call Centre Manager (Customer Service and Call Center)1,850 KWD
[43] Financial Manager (Accounting and Finance)1,821 KWD
[44] Senior Architectural Technician (Architecture)1,800 KWD
[45] Advisor (Human Resources)1,800 KWD
[46] Planning Director (Business Planning)1,800 KWD
[47] Operations Manager (Executive and Management)1,785 KWD
[48] Engineer (Engineering)1,725 KWD
[49] Business Consultant (Business Planning)1,725 KWD
[50] Corporate Sous Chef (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)1,700 KWD
[51] Management Accountant (Accounting and Finance)1,667 KWD
[52] Recruiting Manager (Human Resources)1,600 KWD
[53] Visual Merchandising Projects Manager (Fashion and Apparel)1,600 KWD
[54] Auditing Manager (Accounting and Finance)1,550 KWD
[55] Internal Compliance Officer (Quality Control and Compliance)1,540 KWD
[56] Production Engineer (Factory and Manufacturing)1,500 KWD
[57] Marketing Manager (Marketing)1,500 KWD
[58] Leasing Manager (Real Estate)1,500 KWD
[59] Chief Information Technology Officer (Information Technology)1,500 KWD
[60] Account Manager (Sales Retail and Wholesale)1,500 KWD
[61] Computer Operator (Information Technology)1,500 KWD
[62] Surgeon – Orthopedic (Health and Medical)1,500 KWD
[63] Physician – Anesthesiology (Health and Medical)1,500 KWD
[64] Deputy General Manager (Executive and Management)1,500 KWD
[65] Media Planner (Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management)1,500 KWD
[66] Interior Designer (Architecture)1,463 KWD
[67] Aircraft Electrician (Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense)1,460 KWD
[68] ERP / CRM – Technical Consultant (Information Technology)1,434 KWD
[69] Security Guard (Law Enforcement / Security / Fire)1,400 KWD
[70] Fitness Trainers (Recreation and Sports)1,400 KWD
[71] Quality Assurance Manager (Quality Control and Compliance)1,400 KWD
[72] Risk Analyst (Insurance)1,400 KWD
[73] Architectural Designer (Architecture)1,400 KWD
[74] Mechanical Engineer (Engineering)1,367 KWD
[75] Field Engineer (Engineering)1,360 KWD
[76] Financial Adviser (Accounting and Finance)1,350 KWD
[77] Training and Development Section Head (Human Resources)1,350 KWD
[78] HVAC Engineering (Engineering)1,330 KWD
[79] Software Architect (Information Technology)1,300 KWD
[80] Technical Manager (Science and Technical Services)1,300 KWD
[81] Nursing Services Instructor (Health and Medical)1,300 KWD
[82] Mechanical Engineering Manager (Engineering)1,270 KWD
[83] Assistant Chief Engineer (Engineering)1,250 KWD
[84] Country Manager (Executive and Management)1,250 KWD
[85] Project Engineer (Engineering)1,250 KWD
[86] Design Engineer (Engineering)1,240 KWD
[87] Security Officer (Law Enforcement / Security / Fire)1,230 KWD
[88] Electrical Engineer (Engineering)1,230 KWD
[89] Sales Manager (Sales Retail and Wholesale)1,220 KWD
[90] Safety Engineer (Engineering)1,204 KWD
[91] Legal Consultant (Legal)1,200 KWD
[92] Call Centre Representative (Customer Service and Call Center)1,200 KWD
[93] Account Manager (Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management)1,200 KWD
[94] Staff Nurse (Health and Medical)1,200 KWD
[95] Art Director (Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management)1,200 KWD
[96] General Manager (Executive and Management)1,200 KWD
[97] Actor (Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment)1,190 KWD
[98] Cash Management Manager (Banking)1,179 KWD
[99] Maintenance Engineer (Engineering)1,167 KWD
[100] Enterprise Infrastructure Architect (Information Technology)1,150 KWD
[101] Power Plant Operations Manager (Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining)1,100 KWD
[102] Quality Assurance Manager (Information Technology)1,100 KWD
[103] Technical Consultant (Information Technology)1,100 KWD
[104] Financial Dealer and Broker (Accounting and Finance)1,080 KWD
[105] Assistant Manager (Banking)1,080 KWD
[106] Project Engineer (Construction / Building / Installation)1,075 KWD
[107] E-Commerce Sales Manager (Information Technology)1,057 KWD
[108] English Teacher (Teaching / Education)1,050 KWD
[109] Human Resources Manager (Human Resources)1,000 KWD
[110] E-Commerce Marketing Manager (Information Technology)1,000 KWD
[111] Systems Analyst (Information Technology)1,000 KWD
[112] Finisher (Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management)1,000 KWD
[113] Employee Relations Manager (Human Resources)1,000 KWD
[114] Senior Buyer (Purchasing and Inventory)1,000 KWD
[115] Senior Oracle Developer (Information Technology)1,000 KWD
[116] Risk Analyst (Banking)1,000 KWD
[117] Senior Consultant (Telecommunication)1,000 KWD
[118] Chartered Accountant (Accounting and Finance)1,000 KWD
[119] Equipment Engineering Manager (Engineering)1,000 KWD
[120] Sales Manager (Marketing)998 KWD
[121] IT Manager (Information Technology)992 KWD
[122] Business Analyst (Business Planning)988 KWD
[123] Electric and Gas Operations Manager (Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining)982 KWD
[124] Architect (Architecture)978 KWD
[125] Teller (Banking)960 KWD
[126] Assistant Retail Store Manager (Sales Retail and Wholesale)953 KWD
[127] Air Traffic Controllers (Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense)950 KWD
[128] Lab Manager (Health and Medical)950 KWD
[129] Quality Manager (Quality Control and Compliance)950 KWD
[130] Chemistry Teacher (Teaching / Education)950 KWD
[131] Security Specialist (Information Technology)940 KWD
[132] Project Manager (Business Planning)900 KWD
[133] Business Systems Analyst (Information Technology)900 KWD
[134] General Maintenance Worker (Facilities / Maintenance / Repair)900 KWD
[135] Sharepoint Developer (Information Technology)900 KWD
[136] Policy Analysts (Accounting and Finance)875 KWD
[137] System Administrator (Information Technology)862 KWD
[138] Branch Manager Assistant (Banking)853 KWD
[139] Elementary School Teacher (Teaching / Education)840 KWD
[140] Information Services Consultant (Information Technology)820 KWD
[141] Project Manager (Information Technology)815 KWD
[142] Tester (Information Technology)800 KWD
[143] Auditing Manager (Banking)800 KWD
[144] Office Manager (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)800 KWD
[145] Executive Assistant (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)777 KWD
[146] Accounts Receivable Manager (Accounting and Finance)775 KWD
[147] Facilities Manager (Facilities / Maintenance / Repair)775 KWD
[148] Developer / Programmer (General) (Information Technology)753 KWD
[149] Software Engineer (Information Technology)751 KWD
[150] Nanny (Care Giving and Child Care)750 KWD
[151] Assistant to CEO (Executive and Management)750 KWD
[152] Human Resources Administrator (Human Resources)750 KWD
[153] Senior Accountant (Accounting and Finance)736 KWD
[154] Quality Control Supervisor (Quality Control and Compliance)720 KWD
[155] Electromechanical Technician (Electrical and Electronics Trades)710 KWD
[156] Environmental Specialist (Environmental)700 KWD
[157] Relationship Manager (Banking)700 KWD
[158] Sales Consultant (Sales Retail and Wholesale)700 KWD
[159] Laboratory Manager (Science and Technical Services)700 KWD
[160] Supervisor (Executive and Management)700 KWD
[161] Media Planner (Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment)700 KWD
[162] Engineer (Construction / Building / Installation)700 KWD
[163] Auditor ( external ) (Accounting and Finance)698 KWD
[164] Accounts Payable Manager (Accounting and Finance)690 KWD
[165] Financial Analyst (Accounting and Finance)678 KWD
[166] Network Engineer (Information Technology)678 KWD
[167] Financial Accountant (Accounting and Finance)664 KWD
[168] Retail Store Manager (Sales Retail and Wholesale)650 KWD
[169] Marketing Coordinator (Marketing)650 KWD
[170] Store Keeper (Purchasing and Inventory)650 KWD
[171] Secretary ( CEO ) (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)650 KWD
[172] Quality Assurance Engineer (Engineering)650 KWD
[173] Translator (Bilingual)644 KWD
[174] Laboratory Technician (Health and Medical)640 KWD
[175] Auditor ( internal ) (Accounting and Finance)630 KWD
[176] Accounting Clerk (Accounting and Finance)625 KWD
[177] Branch Manager (Automotive)600 KWD
[178] Academic Advisor (Teaching / Education)600 KWD
[179] Technical Trainer (Information Technology)600 KWD
[180] Telecommunications Engineer (Telecommunication)600 KWD
[181] Build and Release Engineer (Information Technology)600 KWD
[182] Art Director (Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment)600 KWD
[183] Civil Engineer (Construction / Building / Installation)600 KWD
[184] Human Resources Assistant Manager (Human Resources)600 KWD
[185] Java Developer (Information Technology)600 KWD
[186] Assistant Manager (Executive and Management)600 KWD
[187] Restaurant Manager (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)586 KWD
[188] Employment Services Coordinator (Human Resources)570 KWD
[189] Data Entry Supervisor (Information Technology)570 KWD
[190] Accountant (Accounting and Finance)554 KWD
[191] Administrator (Accounting and Finance)550 KWD
[192] Quantity Surveyors (Construction / Building / Installation)550 KWD
[193] Graphic Designer (Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management)531 KWD
[194] Web Designer (Information Technology)525 KWD
[195] Quality Control Engineer (Quality Control and Compliance)525 KWD
[196] Service Advisor (Automotive)520 KWD
[197] Office Coordinator (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)509 KWD
[198] Plumber (Construction / Building / Installation)500 KWD
[199] Human Resources (HR) Officer (Human Resources)500 KWD
[200] Sales Promotion Manager (Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management)500 KWD
[201] Administrative Manager (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)500 KWD
[202] HRIS Supervisor (Human Resources)500 KWD
[203] Sales Executive (Sales Retail and Wholesale)500 KWD
[204] Data Analyst (Information Technology)500 KWD
[205] Nurse (Health and Medical)500 KWD
[206] Head Nurse (Health and Medical)500 KWD
[207] Help Desk Support (Information Technology)500 KWD
[208] CAD Drafter (Architecture)500 KWD
[209] Customer Service Representative (Customer Service and Call Center)500 KWD
[210] Windows System Administrator (Information Technology)475 KWD
[211] Food Server (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)470 KWD
[212] Technical Draughtsman (Construction / Building / Installation)455 KWD
[213] Foreman (Construction / Building / Installation)450 KWD
[214] Accounting Assistant (Accounting and Finance)428 KWD
[215] Payroll Clerks (Accounting and Finance)405 KWD
[216] Customer Service Executive (Customer Service and Call Center)402 KWD
[217] Database Administrator (Information Technology)400 KWD
[218] Supervisor of Food Services (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)400 KWD
[219] Chef ( Fine Dining Restaurant ) (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)400 KWD
[220] Executive Pastry Chef (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)400 KWD
[221] Construction Estimator (Construction / Building / Installation)400 KWD
[222] Import Logistics Specialist (Import and Export)400 KWD
[223] Area Manager (Sales Retail and Wholesale)400 KWD
[224] Chef ( Buffet ) (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)400 KWD
[225] Electrical Engineering Supervisor (Construction / Building / Installation)400 KWD
[226] Recruiter (Human Resources)400 KWD
[227] Health and Safety Officer (Construction / Building / Installation)350 KWD
[228] Receptionist (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)350 KWD
[229] Quality Improvement Coordinator (Quality Control and Compliance)350 KWD
[230] Administrative Assistant (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)335 KWD
[231] Sales Representative (Sales Retail and Wholesale)335 KWD
[232] Secretary (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)325 KWD
[233] Chef (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)320 KWD
[234] Sales Engineer (Engineering)300 KWD
[235] Cash Management Officer (Accounting and Finance)300 KWD
[236] Pipeline Technician (Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining)300 KWD
[237] Designer (Fashion and Apparel)300 KWD
[238] Buyer (Purchasing and Inventory)300 KWD
[239] Travel Agent and Tour Guide (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)300 KWD
[240] Reservations Sales Agent (Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense)300 KWD
[241] IT Support (Information Technology)275 KWD
[242] Retail Store Sales Person (Sales Retail and Wholesale)275 KWD
[243] Child Care Coordinator (Teaching / Education)250 KWD
[244] Web Developer (Information Technology)250 KWD
[245] Network Administrator (Information Technology)250 KWD
[246] Nurse Midwife (Health and Medical)250 KWD
[247] Housekeeper (Cleaning and Housekeeping)200 KWD
[248] Purchasing Assistant (Purchasing and Inventory)175 KWD
[249] Housekeeping Supervisor (Cleaning and Housekeeping)170 KWD
[250] Cook ( Fine Dining ) (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)167 KWD
[251] Multimedia Designer (Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment)160 KWD
[252] Waiter (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)150 KWD
[253] Keyboard and Data Entry Operators (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)140 KWD
[254] Cook (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)130 KWD
[255] Lifeguard / Swim Instructors (Recreation and Sports)100 KWD

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