High Paying Health Keyword

High paying ‘health’ keywords are very important when targeting your brand or your website in online digital marketing based on advertising promoting ads.Webmasters are always studies which are best for their site niche especially in health niche websites to get highest paying ads.

Health Keywords are highest competition ranking in any world wide web search engine. If you are a beginner to maintain blogging sites or informative web page best option read this article carefully to get some additional ideas and suggestion about content publishing.

Find and collect those keywords parameter of your blog’s niche ‘health’ keywords to get high paying ads in the future. Health site niche is one of the highest competition in search engine rankings over 3billion researchers online about health. Which means the more competition the highest bid per advertisers targeting relevance keyword on display banner ads or in organic search placement advertising.
High Paying Health Keyword

In fact, health is one of the most expensive keywords to buy in the biggest PPC keyword tools advertising company in online marketing industry. A keyword ‘group health insurance‘ is the best example of that, with an estimated of 52 brand advertisers over 5 thousand monthly exact longtail keyword researchers, with a value cost per click of $9. Which means more or less 5 dollars revenue share of bloggers or health site niche website per click earning especially to valued Adsense publishers.

High CPC ‘Health’ Keywords

These are most expensive and most profitable Adsense CPC keywords niche.

health information, with a CPC rate $8.34

health education, CPC cost $8.36

public health, cost per click $10.14

international public health, average CPC rate $5.71

global health, cost per click $5.83

health international CPC $6.71

Top 10 “health” High Paying Keywords Topics,

    • Health Insurance
    • United Health care
    • Health Job
    • Kids Nutrition
    • Weight loss
    • Health fitness
    • Health Diet
    • Cancer Insurance
    • Orthodontics
    • Medial Treatment
    • Medical Vision

We found the most expensive ‘health’ search keyword in search engine. Discover the most profitable health keywords in searching online through any types of browsers in internet marketing industries.

Keyword for Health Niche

  1. Private Health care
  2. Health care insurance
  3. Health care plans
  4. Low cost health
  5. Health care coverage
  6. Health heart care
  7. Health Fitness
  8. Health Benefits
  9. Men’s Health
  10. Women’s Health
  11. Mental Health
  12. Health care policies
  13. Teen Health
  14. Health Care Solutions

Those 14 longtail and shortail keywords we’ve mention above is the most high paying keywords in any advertising companies even you choose for CPC, CPM, RPM or RTB campaigns.

The 3 Most Important Things you should know before you Invest in Health/medical Niche.

Are you providing authentic and correct information – if you are thinking of starting a content based website.
Is your product (drugs or health product) genuine (for instance, has it received the FDA approval) – if you want to use start e-commerce site.

Have you real doctors and board certified physicians willing to work online – if you want to start online medical consultation site, much better build your own advisory consultation site.

The above 3 points are basic things and you may require more things to start an authentic medical site. All these conditions obviously mean that SEO experts in health are in huge demand.

The Below Useful points and Data,

Many pharmaceutical companies are trying to rank for drugs and Medicines and spending huge money online for brand promotion and sales.

Lot of doctors are eager to rank for their offline consultation services in their local areas. For example ; plastic surgeon in Canada, liposuction doctor in New York and so on.

There is also a huge number of top quality content related websites like – webmd.com, mayoclinic.com, medicinenet.com, emedicinehealth.com, and there are more websites in the list. This is why it is merely impossible for small and medium sized websites and blogs to outrank these high authority medical sites.

The interesting thing in health niche is that be it any keyword, either short one or long tail keyword, if you search in Google, there is 95 % possibility that a Wikipedia result will feature in the first page.

Also sites like bestonlinemd.com and US Govt health site – nih.gov are seen too commonly.

Millions of researcher all around the globe which are searching for health problem, health issue and health solution, buyers and advertisers must this that online marketing is one of the best option to increase sales.


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