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How much to Advertise Digital Radio Cost? – Audio Advertising Industry

In Digital advertising specific in radio platform is one of best solution when it comes to advertise based in audio stream platform. In this type of campaign ad, you can target your specific audience with targeting by age, location, genre, etc. Sign up today! Advertise your business on the top music and radio streaming platforms. Audio Ads Made Simple. Get Started for $250. Top Music Platforms. Launch in Minutes!


What is digital radio advertising?


Programmatic audio is the use of technology to automate the selling and insertion of ads in audio content like podcasts, digital radio and music-streaming services. Considering the success it’s had in the other areas of advertising, there is no doubt programmatic audio has huge potential.


Digital Audio and Radio advertising Streaming Podcast


According to emarketer; April 2019 forecast. Podcast listeners account for a much smaller portion of the US internet population (26.9%), but this audience is growing the fastest. And 30.8% of digital audio listeners will access that content via a smart speaker in 2019.


What are Audio Ads?


Audio ads id use to diversify your monetization strategy with a Digital Audio offer. allows Publishers to have the capacity to serve ads and to connect the advertiser with the adequate audience, with tools that allow to target through demographic, geographic and tecnologic variables.

And streaming audio ad, specifically AM/FM radio and pure-play music services such as Spotify and Pandora, are the biggest outlets for brand advertisers today. Podcasts have been the go-to channel for many direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. And, increasingly, traditional brands are buying into the power of categorical exclusivity and influence that podcast ads provide.


Which Format is Best For Each Demographic?

The format of each station impacts which group is typically the core demographic that a station will reach. The following will give you an idea of which format targets which type of listener.

  • Teens 12-17 – Primarily Top 40, Urban, Alternative
  • Perspective ages from:  18-24 – Top 40, Alternative, Urban preference
  • Perspective ages from:  25-34 – Alternative, Rock, Top 40, Urban, Adult Contemporary
  • Perspective ages from:  35-44 – Rock, Adult Contemporary
  • Perspective ages from: 45-54 – Oldies, Adult Contemporary
  • Perspective ages from:  55-64 – Classical, New Adult Contemporary
  • Perspective ages from:  65+ – Adult Standards, Classical, News Talk

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