Digital Advertising Average CPM Rate

2014 Digital Advertising is the main form of brand promotion, Product, and Services.
Kinds of Brand Marketing in all forms like Television, Radio, Internet, Mobile,or Cell Phones, Display / Banner Ads, sms /mms, digital outdoor, and any types digital media to reach customers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effectiveness.

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Online Digital Advertising Cost on Websites, News and Blogs,

For publishers, effective real-time bidding can boost average fill-rate by from 15% to 50% Ad Publishers revenue share.

The integrated ‘decision engine’ carries out a holistic auction for every single ad impression integrating real-time bidding, and allows all sources of demand to compete on every display and video impression —delivering the best possible price for the publisher, increasing revenue and reducing campaign administration.

Digital Advertising Rates

Standard cost when your campaign will be seen every 30 minutes on the screens.

    • Cost Per Day 64¢ Per Screen up to 48¢ Per Screen
    • Cost Per Ad Run average of 4¢ up to 3¢

digital advertising display ad spending
Courtesy of  Emarketer
On Reviewing digital advertising average cpm rate increase year by year.
Banner Ad display from 2010 cpm tariff is $6.23 in 2016 cpm cost is $11.29 money spending of your campaign ads.
Digital Advertising Average CPM Rate
Courtesy of Emarketer

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