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Here comes the Clicknety Review Join this cheap pop under advertising network only $1.00 per 1,000 full page pop under ads, minimum pay out only $10.00. Clicknety – perfect pop under advertising solution

Network Info

Clicknety is an ad network active on the pop under advertising niche. The cheap promotion cost and the quick payout option makes clicknety a reliable partners in the advertising business. The network works exclusively with full pop under ads, world wide coverage.

10 Resons to Advertise with Clicknety

 Countries or major cities from arround the globe can be targeted
 More than 120 channels(categories) to coose from
 Mobile and desktop target available
 Close to 10M impressions served every day
 Skype and Email Support
 Dedicated account managers
 Tracking tokens for campaign optimization available
 Minimum bids as low as $1 per 1000 full page pop under ads
 Accepted payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer and wire transfer.
 Minimum deposit is $50

Some of the advertising campaign options: Keyword / Channel(category) Target, RON targeting , ISP target, Daily limit option, Pause/resume campaign, Geo/Language/ OS/Device target, Unique ip cap option, Block IP range of addresses, Adult Traffic Option, General report, Keyword/channel report, Geographic report

With clicknety you can buy mobile traffic or targeted traffic at affordable prices. Mac, Windows, Linux or other operating systems can be targeted for desktop and the mobile options are for cell phones or tablet devices with the following mobile operating Systems: Android, Blackberry, Palmbeach webOS, Symbian, Windows Phone OS.

7 Reason’s to become a publisher on Clicknety network

 Daily Payments : the payments are sent the $10 limit is reached
 Clean ads, full page site-under advertisements
 Worldwide traffic accepted, no traffic limit required
 100% fill-rate
 Email and Skype support
 On time payments
 Direct link available on request

The publisher can generate the advertising code in few simple steps and start generating income from day one. The revenue share can go up to 75% from the advertiser spending. Refferal system also available for a extra income with clicknety. The publishers will be rewarded with 10% from any publisher earnings they brought on the network and also another 10% from any advertiser spendings they sign-up on clicknety.

For more information please visit website and sign-up on this network.

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