Business & Finance CPM Rate

Not surprisingly, there’s a pretty wide range in the CPMs that different publishers are earning here. But the data from this tool helps to give some timely and targeted real-world data on CPMs.

We analyzed the public data on this site to add some more detail to the average CPMs being seen in the market now. Below is a summary of the top performing ad units for several different verticals. For each, we took the top ten sites listed under the “best performing” screen and included only IAB standard units (728×90, 300×250, and 160×600) described as “top” (i.e., appearing at the top of the page).

Note: that these rates reflect the gross amount charged to the advertiser, and are for a single above-the-fold ad unit:

Business & Finance CPM Bid Rate,

Business & Finance Low Cpm Bid $1.50
Business & Finance Hihest Cpm Bid $17.00
Business & Finance Average Cpm Bid $6.15

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