Best Reason Increase Infolinks ECPM

Infolinks is the best adsense alternative for bloggers or webmasters. The following  steps and strategies how to increase infolinks ecpm – cost per impressions.

Best Reasons,

  • Select High CPM Niche,
  • Webmaster must be focus in search engine not in direct link, like blog commenting, forum commenting.
  • Ad Customization – do not use single doted links , use double doted links to gain more revenue.
  • Infolinks pay you high revenue if your’e ads views long enough appears, Infolinks did not pay you for every ad views all the time you must know that. Though, before you jump up and down thinking that you will now make Millions of dollars just because you are now getting paid every time someone sees one of your infolinks ads, I would advice you to wait up a bit first! So, if you had 500 ad views, and your Infolinks Ad eCPM(estimated cost per 1000 views) is for example $3.40, you would earn around $1.70.

    Though, just like with ad clicks where there are many occasions where you don’t get paid when someone clicks on your ads, with Infolinks Pay Per Ad view system, you also do not get paid every time someone views your Infolinks ads.

  • Focus market your website into high cpm countries in order to make high cpm revenue share with the help of infolinks high paying keywords
  • Add more banner Advertising campaign products ,Search Widget,Related Tags,Tag Cloud ,In Frame.

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