Best Practice to Increase Adsense CPC Rate

ADSENSE CPC RATE?, Increase Adsense Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click rate?,
So many articles about adsense to increase earnings but which are good options, here we go again i will show the best practice on how to increase Adsense cpc rate.

There is no doubt Adsense is world’s top most and highest paying Ad CPC Publisher network and used by approx 90% web masters. So How to increase Adsense CPC (Cost per Click) is a common and famous question for all webmaster.

 I have used so many Technic in my 5 years of experience in three education and tech blog’s and conclude some of the very effective tips to increase Adsense CPC. So hope the same will be useful for you also. Let it discuss in details.
 adsense cpc rate

What is Adsense CPC or PPC ?

Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC)- Webmaster Earns some bucks by simply clicks per Ads on their Advertisements by their site visitors. CPC is varies by county to country. For example in India, CPC ratio is in between 0.06 $ to 0.4 $

Why to Increase Adsense CPC ?

Every bloggers and webmaster is having aim to get high revenue from Adsense, for that they simply focus on increasing their Blog traffic and on making better SEO, but they missed to optimize their site to get high CPC Ads and they may get good traffic but lower CPC clicks and low earning. So it is required to learn about getting high CPC ads on your site so that you can earn more Adsense revenue per click.
Also the good CPC Ads is not enough to get much earning from Adsense, you should have that much of traffic also to give you a good CPC clicks. Read some of my articles to improve blog traffic.

Site Niche – It is very important for getting high CPC ads

Your site niche plays the great and important role to pull the high CPC ads on your site, Ads shows on your site is based on your site content or say niche on which you are writing so choosing a right niche to increase CPC should be the first choice. Some niche like gaming, casino, jobs etc have low CPC and some like weight loss, Health, Banking etc earns you 1$ to 2$ per click. Listed here some good niche topics, you should write on it and can get good change in your CPC.

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Banking
  3. Health – Bestonlinemd
  4. Beauty
  5. Real Estate
  6. Tech
  7. Travel
  8. Education

Traffic Sources – Another important point.

Traffic sources is the another very important topic to optimize for getting higher CPC ads, like in India or Asian traffic, not more than 0.4$ CPC you get but for western country traffic you can get up to 2$ to 4$ CPC ads.
So you need to try to write such content to attract more visitors from western counties also.


Higher the pagerank, more the chances of getting higher CPC ads on your site, every advertisers wants their ads on high traffic and reputed blogs, so at that condition Pagerank plays the important role. Google find such blogs based on Pagerank and provides good CPC ads, after PR4 google provides some good CPC ads as per my experience.

Ad Placement and Sizes

Ad Placement and Sizes,
Currently Google Adsense allows 3 ad units on site except premium publishers, more ads pulls low CPC ads. if you place 3 ad unit on your site you may get one of them good CPC ad but rest will be low CPC. so placing 1 or 2 ad unit will improve CPC rate of that ad unit.
Also ad unit at top of the blog page gives you better results than at the end. 336×280 ad unit has good performance except all. Banner ad you can put at the end. Also allow to have text and image link ads, Adsense also recommend the same to increase CPC rate.

Recommended Ad placement
336×280 Ad unit – below the post title
300×250 Ad unit – Below the post
Horizontal Banner – at Bottom

Also you can place link unit at top, bottom or at side bar but not recommended.

Other Ad Network – competition is good always

By serving other ad network ads on your site will push Google to display higher CPC ads to beat the competition and to ensure that Google is the sole network of all.
I haven’t tried yet but based on review and reference it may useful, try your self and get back.

Write lengthier Post

Some times, due to low content in your post, Google bot can not identify the best keyword of your post and in such condition shows the default and low CPC ads, so in such condition lengthier post will give enough keywords and help Google bot to identify the right keyword so chances for getting right ads will increase.

How to Increase Adsense CPC

Site Performance

Recently Google added some features in Adsense Dashboard for site performance, speed etc now the same also plays a good role for it. Good performance and speedy site get good CPC ads. so try to optimize it.

Ads Review Centre

Inside the Google dashboard, you can find the Ad Review centre, where you know that which ad unit plays the good role and gives you good earning and which one are least, try to remove the unit gives the least earning and experiments others.

Next Practice to Booster and increase Adsense earning by blocking 300+ URL

Why Adsense is the best ads network for advertisers?

Ya, it is best ads network for advertisers because Adsense provide one of the best policy. Google Adsense don’t take anytime to ban your account if you don’t follow their policy. But most of the publisher manage to hold Adsense account for very long time.

You must take care about small small things, linking, giving backlinks, copyright protected issue etc. But I found most of the issue is with the Fraud clicks. I find mostly newbie bloggers are very excited in exchanging clicks. 

I just for experiment one day joined a group like ” Adsense Click exchange” where publishers exchange their links. I checked most of the links their was of a new blog. Also I realized that, they ask for 5 clicks,10 clicks from the exchanging person. 

Which will definitely harm the Adsense account. If you want to increase your Adsense earning, try different things.

I am sure organic traffic is the best traffic to increase Adsense earning. But If you want to increase your Adsense CPC, I have simple steps for you to do it now.

How can I block low paying URL to increase Adsense earnings?

I am going to give you very easy guide below to block yours ads successfully.

How to block Adsense ads to increase Adsense earning?

You might have seen lots of amazing tips written on, how to increase Adsense Ads earning. But I am going to tell you easy way to block low CPC Adsense Ads.


1. Login to your Adsense account.

2. Click<< Allow & block ads.

increase Adsense earnings.

3. You can see there are several option for blocking multiple ads. General Category< Sensitive Category< Advertisers URLs etc.

Here you can block ads based on categories too. To show relevant ads you can block those categories, which are not related to your niche. Example: If you have car showroom, you start selling T-shirt 50%OFF it will 100% sure look odd. So do not mix up in your blog too.This also helps to increase Adsense earnings.

4. Click Advertisers URL, in the box you have to paste the URLs and click on block.

increase Adsense earnings.

What are the benefits of blocking Low CPC ads?

You will surely benefit and increase Adsense earning. All the publishers are not able to target high CPC keyword which give high CPC. But if you are like me getting low CPC, you can block this Ads to increase Adsense earning by 50%.

If you cannot get 10$ per click, you can at least protect yourself from getting 0.01$ per click. After blocking this Ads I found changes in my CPC, I got 0.15$+ for Indian traffic. Before blocking this Ads I get 0.03$- 0.07$ per click, so this will definitely help you to increase Adsense earning.

Here is your 100+ low CPC ads, block this URLs to increase Adsense earning.

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