Average CPM of News Websites

There are Millions of online newspaper sites listed and operated in the whole world, including news blog, commercial newspaper, general content, technology, financial, marketing, celebrity and political advisory.

16 Best world online news website on the internet, These are Yahoo! News, Google News, HuffingtonPost, CNN, New York Times, Fox News, NBC News, Mail Online, Washington Post, The Guardian, WSJ, ABCNews, BBC News, USA Today, LA Times, The Guardian, served as unbiased, developed recent happenings, broadcast operation through internet news website according to (ebizmba).

Advertisers and monetizers or brand owners and online news blogger looking for newspaper website average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) rate was $8.00(comscore) said. The average CPM rate accounted to the valued (brand owners) or advertisers tariff budget.

It means $8.00 per thousand impressions display ads investment of your campaign will be divided into 2 (60% for publishers generated revenue share $4.80 and 40% middleman advertising company share $3.20) supported all types of engagement advertising platforms desktop or mobile ad impressions.

The 60% revenue shares ($4.80) for publishers will be divided into thousand news website keywords competition that relevance to campaign targeting keywords.

Equation example: Monetizers CPM revenue share $4.80 รท (1000) targeting keywords news websites, competitors. It means total CPM revenue income to every newspaper websites that are targeting the same keywords is ($0.0048/CPM). Much better news blogger websites, research unique keywords less competition short tail and a long tail to earned massive income in news website niche.

Alternative types of CPM advertising internet newspaper websites, that could be a better high return on investment (ROI) to valued campaign advertisers or (brand owners). Let me introduce the RTB advertising.  Advertisers can contact directly to top premium online news site operated in the whole world bid your best investment.

Reminder, there are different CPM cost in every display ad position, most of them ad sizes 300×250, 336×280 and responsive are the most expensive banner sizes.

The less tariff ad rate sizes are, 480×60, 320×50 banner ads, and other ways are outbound and inbound parameter URL advertising. Advertisers will buy 1,2 or 3 outbound company URL to every desired page pass parameter relevance news site.


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