YouTube Alternative To Monetize

YouTube Alternative To Monetize – Best for Video Creators and Publishers

Monetize your videos to the no.1 American video-sharing company founded 14 Feb. 2005 open to monetizing video. And now YouTube is dominating the whole world wide web(WWW) as the no. 1 most popular video-sharing websites for the global market to make your brand impact pulse for brand owner and get the highest revenue sales for the ad publishers, through enabling monetization on their website or apps.

YouTube regularly has five billion videos watched and 80% of them, are from outside the United States. There are limited effective ways to get your trademark or assistance impact, on using YouTube to vend your market, to maximize purchases and build your brands effectiveness to your purpose consumers.

How to enable monetization on YouTube

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  2. Select your account icon in the top right corner.
  3. Click Creator Studio.
  4. In the left menu, select Channel > Status and features.
  5. Click Enable in the Monetization section.
  6. Follow the on-screen steps to accept YouTube’s Terms.

Can I monetize my first YouTube video?

A person can monetize the first video has uploaded on the YouTube channel. It requires 10000 use to monetize a video. And if the video of the person reaches 10,000 Views or above then he will be able to monetize the video.

Although, for video blogger/vlogger who is frustrated over the newest rules of YouTube.

YouTube binds the rules around producer monetization and partnerships to regain advertisers guarantee or brand owners investors. Which is the YouTube Partner Program sets into higher level requirements, before it allowing publishers to earn money via monetization through advertising videos.

Sadly, ere it occurs, video publishers/vloggers must have 10000 cumulative video views, least of 1000 subscribers per current and 4000 video hours of views. The rules have been enforcing last 20 Feb. 2018 to insure marketers, brand owners, investors and advertisers trusty. And of course, to fixed whether YouTube channels is fitting to drive their campaign ads.

Sounds good for advertisers, But bad news for new video uploaders or vloggers who are using YouTube monetization as the alternative program to make money by sharing their original videos.

In my opinion, we respect the new rules of YouTube monetization requirements. Uploaders/producers must be expected to take more time before it will enable to monetize YouTube videos.

For the meantime, try this YouTube alternative to monetize your original videos, without high-level program partner requirements.

What you need to do is produce your original video content and set it whether you like to private your videos or public, and of course publish it, to your websites by embedding the code and sharing it to social media sites.

Hassle free requirements, explicit adult contents, dangerous act or illegal and child pornography are not allowed to upload on this video file sharing websites.  Dailymotion is open for partner publishers as YouTube monetization alternative and earns more revenue by uploading videos to get the advantage of new monetization platforms and tacts.

These are the best YouTube Monetization sites, the main adsense for content alternative to all video creators online publishing content to earn an passive alternative income in online industry.

YouTube Alternative To Monetize Videos

Learn here; How to monetize YouTube videos externally concerning conditions of high level bar practices for partners?

Dailymotion – Is the best alternative monetization for gaming, TV&Movies, sports, news, music, auto-moto, tech, lifestyle, entertainment, comedy and creative videos. Dailymotion is ranked #6 video sharing websites has 42.6 million page views daily and 300 million users per month headquartered in France.

eligible criteria and Prohibited Content For Monetization

→ Partners must upload their videos
→ Prohibited in any sexually explicit content
→ Prohibited for dangerous or illegal acts videos
→ Prohibited in videos Child pornography


Four Ways to Monetize video content in Dailymotion

Video Monetization – Aside from Pre-Roll a non-skippable video ads,  video publisher can earn money whenever someone views the ad before, during, after videos.

Paid Content – You can set your pricing, promote your channel on social networks and monetize your videos by renting or monthly subscription basis.

Website Monetization – The website owners can make money through embedding DailyMotion videos or Widget on their sites.

Copyright Monetization – Publishers can make money when someone uploads videos containing your copyrighted content.


Monetize Brightcove Videos

Brightcove is a cloud-based online video platform. Media companies, businesses and organizations worldwide use Brightcove to publish and distribute video on the Web. Overview of Brightcove Benefits: Brightcove media pack assures users with the highest quality playback experience. This is achieved by minimizing ad error rates and breakage.


How to Monetize Brightcove Videos?

Brightcove is not the same in YouTube and Facebook video to monetize, partnering with Brightcove for your business, you can create and upload your own ads. The benefits of them, you can create and upload your own ads, earn from it via video monetization from third party advertisers that willing to pay to your videos uploaded from Brightcove.


How much does Brightcove cost?

Brightcove pricing starts at $199 a month and generally requires an annual contract, but there are credit card options available with the Starter plan. Pricing is based on package and video plays. Free 30-day free trial available.

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