Advertising Cable TV CPM Rate

Media broadcasting based on Cable Television Advertising is the number 1 most high relevance performance product sales effectiveness than other digital media advertising, The ad campaign cost is truly expensive but high ROI – return on investment specially in cable TV Cpm rate ratio type campaign.

Cable Television CPM Advertising Cost,

The possible cpm advertising  rate of cable standard advertising program is base on typical basic firm cost services at hundreds to hundreds channelling, like for example old version pricing in cable tv ad campaign is standard channels from 100 to 300 channels depending on cable television advertising companies if what are the package promotion benefits of product investor.

2013 Cable Standard CPM, CPV Ad Cost,

Last year the biggest cable companies offered to product investor into highly Cpm rate benefit cost promotion, Because for every 30 second commercial break ad campaign,  The advertisers can get 100,000 to 500,000 home viewers and it will only cost at $8.00 to $20.00 per every thousand home viewers.

Basic Cable TV Channels Charging Tariff Rate,

Most international cable television provider they had 200 to 400 channels including, movies, news, sports, TV Shows, and other program related even adult channels is counted but it depends on product relevance campaign categories and counties do live for. They will charge according on their tariff rate per commercial break, or on air splash ads display.

2014 latest tariff rate in CPM, CPV base advertising according to the biggest communication commission agency the average cost of cable TV ad is $80.00 package deal with tax and other fees included.

Year and After year cable television advertising base on Cpm and Cpv rate are fed up with the rising cost. they are not sinking but soaring high yearly. Therefore cable advertising is very expensive but so much consumer buying product base on what they saw daily on TV specially most likely in movies, sports and news.

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Top 5 Biggest Cable Television International Providers,

They has different promotion package to every home owner and consumers

  1. AT&T U-verse –
  2. Comcast –
  3. Verizon FIOS – offers 225 channels, HD package for $65 a month
  4. Optimum – Cablevision –
  5. Time Warner Cable – 200 channels with DVR service for $65 a month

TV Commercials Direct Response Advertising,

Thousands of completely different TV commercial networks who currently operate worth ranges among the televisions adds targeting range in local and international campaign that you’ll be able to devour a 30-second business slots.

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TV Ad Equation Cost Formula,

If your ad is featured next to an average television show that garners 5 million viewers,
Then you can use that figure to determine your CPM when you compare it to the price of advertising.

First, divide the viewer number by 1,000, since you are calculating the cost of one thousand viewers. The amount you are working with now is 5,000. If you buy a single thirty-second advertising slot for $10,000, then divide that price by 5,000 for a CPM of $2. This is the cost per 1,000 people if you buy $10,000 of ad time during a show that gets 5 million viewers.

If you are advertisers not satisfy this information because of low tariff rate or very affordable investment, you can go to Super Bowl Commercial Break Ad Campaign there are hundred ad spot available and it will cost of a 30 seconds commercial break graph after and during the super bowl game play.

Article Disclaimer

The above pricing rate mentioned is only issued from May to August 2014.

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