8 Legit Online Advertising Video

Latest update the new top 8, Most requested online video ad serving networks, Who guaranteed video advertisers and publishers solutions to market of their video campaign product with different creation and pricing rates.

The top 8 legit online advertising videos,

Accept advertiser and monetize video ad publishers in low rate bid but high video ad performance to mobile and desktops platform. As all, we knew mostly publishers make money by monetizing articles, But today we let you know how to monetize your videos not only in monetizing YouTube but 8 Legit free to monetize online videos with higher Cpm, CPC, CPV, cost rate. It’s good news to our valued video publishers who have their own video inventory.

Argentina Video CPM Rate Cost

SiteAdWiki team article publisher is not touching YouTube Publisher Program – My team also monetizing video publishers of YouTube company but today my team sharing opinions the YouTube Alternative Monetization. The networks below are the most major video highlighted agencies as choices for publishers Latin America, Europe, United States countries has demand agencies who’s popular hosting their video on their website and looking out for some way to decriminalize directly.

Youtube Partner Monetize Estimated Revenue

Top 8 Largest Monetizing Video Ad Network,

AOL Networks / Adap.TV,

AOL is one of the greatest feature promotion organizers on the planet. This comes fundamentally through the Adap.tv notice trade that AOL procured in September 2013. That firm represented around 85% of AOL’s aggregate feature ads at the time of obtaining. Other enormous suppliers of feature ads for AOL incorporate Advertising.com and properties claimed by the organization.

Adap.tv offers various distinctive answers for distributers, contingent upon their level of advancement and volume of feature commercial stock:
Adap.TV offers a number of different solutions for publishers, depending on their level of sophistication and volume of video ad inventory:

Adsense Video AD CPM

To Apply: In case you’re intrigued by offering your feature through Adap.tv – publishers.marketplace@adap.tv.

  1. Marketplace for Publishers
  2. Demand Path for Publishers
  3. Private Marketplace for Publishers


YuMe – features 2 choices for publishers, together with a QuickStart product that simplifies the video monetisation method and a professional product that gives hyperbolic flexibility for implementing additional advanced ways.
To Apply: YuMe has an online form that interested publishers can complete.

AdoTube / Exponential Interactive,

This organization could be a piece of Exponential Intuitive, that to boot incorporates social group Combination. Distributer’s will apply on-line to show into associate Exponential distributor within the event that they need no but five hundred,000 month to month one among a form shoppers. This stage offers ads in varied various organizations, as well as feature and customary showcase.

Adotube may be a littler feature stage which will be tempting to distributors trying to at a similar time develop immediate deals and support fill rates. Their cougar innovation may be utilized to include and serve ads oversubscribed specifically into feature substance, whereas the system connected with this stage may well be utilized to adapt any leftover stock.


New York-based Videology – was established by Scott Ferber, who awhile ago established Advertising.com. Despite the fact that the organization concentrates on giving administrations to advertisers, they likewise have results intended to help distributers amplify their yield on feature ads.

To Apply: U.s.-based distributers can email us.publishers@videologygroup.com to get more data about the system.


Auditude, which was obtained by Adobe for $120 million in late 2011, is a feature publicizing stage that might be utilized to oversee immediate deals while additionally filling any unsold stock with ads from their system. This stage gives media organizations huge control over when and where ads show up and additionally the sorts of ads that are showing up inside feature.
To Apply: For information on becoming part of this network, send an email to info-auditude@adobe.com.


Spotxchange likewise posts month to month overhauls from their Commercial center to reveal some insight into the volume of ads being served and the incomes being created.
SpotXchange serves more than 2.5 billion video ads each month, and has a network of 1,000+ publishers.

Video Advertising CPM Rates


Chicago-based Brightroll is an alternate huge feature system. The organization cases “access to” 10 billion month to month impacts on more than 15,000 applications and sites.

Brightroll obliges that distributors have no less than 5 million U.s. feature sets for every month or 3 million portable sites/ application sees. That implies that it’s well past the compass of littler distributors looking to adapt their feature movement.


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