3 Best Steps to Success Email Marketing

3 Steps to Better Email Marketing

The big secret when it comes to email marketing is: it’s not just size that counts. The value of any campaign you send relies on the quality of your email list as much as, if not more than, the quantity of email addresses in it.

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While there is always the temptation to grow your email reach quickly and cheaply through buying or renting lists, the results you are able to achieve through this method will likely be of low quality and can in fact damage your long-term email marketing efforts in a short period of time.
The way to growing a healthy, valuable email list is via a clear strategy, which is focused not simply on short-term growth but on long-term management.
A handy new guide from email marketing experts Pure360 provides an easy-to-use, actionable introduction to how to do this, Average Cost of Targeted Email Campaign.

Focusing on:

  1. Optimising web sign-up to grow an organic, engaged email list through your website.
  2. Growing your list organically and continuing to increase engagement through other mediums.
  3. Managing your list moving forward, to keep it healthy and ensure optimum ROI in your campaigns.

With comprehensive advice along with practical worksheets and to-do lists to help you get your strategy in place, the guide offers an invaluable resource if you’re looking to optimise email marketing efforts, See more : Top 25 Free or Low-Cost Email Marketing Web Applications.


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